Bike Helmets, Wear Them!

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One of the best investments you can make for the safety of your child is buying a bike helmet. Riding a bike is so fun, but not if a accident occurs and your child falls. Please lead by example as a responsible parent and wear a bike helmet also!

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Buy a Crash Tested Helmet

Buy a crash-tested helmet. Be sure that the helmet meets safety standards of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Look for a sticker on the helmet stating that it meets the standards of one of these organizations.

Wear Proper Helmet Not Substitutes

Never let your child use a football helmet or hard hat instead of a bicycle helmet. They are not designed to protect your child in a crash or fall.

Make Helmet-Wearing a Rule

Make helmet-wearing a rule. Any child who rides a two-wheel bicycle must wear a helmet. If your child has just started to ride-even a tricycle or a bike with training wheels-enforce this rule until it becomes a habit. Let him know if he does not’t wear a bike helmet, he cant’ go bike-riding.

Have Helmet Checked After a Fall

Have the helmet checked after a fall. If your child has taken a fall, the Styrofoam lining inside her helmet may be compressed, which means it might not provide enough protection if she takes another fall. Take the helmet to your local bike store and ask the experienced salesperson if the helmet should be replaced. Some helmet manufacturers will replace the helmet if you answer a questionnaire about your child’s accident. Call the company to find out.

Get a Group Together

Get together a helmet-buying group. Buying a helmet can be expensive, buy you may get a discount if you buy as a group. To find out how to set up a group-discount program, check at your local bicycle shops in your area.

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