Bikes that Glow in the Dark – Fun versus Common Sense

Bikes that Glow in the Dark – Fun versus Common Sense

In some European country as safety advertisement by the government had the slogan “Children must be seen and not hurt”. It is true that safety is very important and some people only seem to take this in into consideration when a tragedy happens. There are many ways to have fun be safe when riding your bike. You can wear a helmet, reflective clothing that glow in the dark, bike lights and reflective stickers that can be placed in the back. Basically, there are so many things you can do when it comes to being visible at night. That said, there is also something else that is rather silly but will be fun to do. Investing in Bikes that glow in the dark will be another option. That will be a waste of money for those who already have a bike. In that case, you can trying the following.

Painting your Bike

If you want your bike to glow in the dark and attract a lot of attention at night, you will need to do more than just put a sticker your bike. You will need to buy a special paint metallic surfaces and spray you bike. There are permanent professional paints that can be purchased but these are expensive and will require a lot of time and know-how to pull off. On the other hand, there are other fun glow in the dark paint that will last for about 24 hours. These are available for purchase for about $20 on sites like Amazon.

Pro Tapes Pro-Glow Glow in the Dark Tape

For those who do not want to mess about with painting their bikes, it is possible to invest in cheap a glow-in-the-dark tape. This is likely the cheapest option for those who just want to be visible and not follow the trend. You can spend about $10-$15 and that’s will be enough to get the tape you need your bike. The difficulty is trying to get the tape to cover the frame and the tires without making your bike look weird. That said, if you are able to cover the frame, that’ll be sufficient.

Safety versus Fun

It can be interesting and fun to ride a bike that glows in the dark. That said, this will only work if the car or other roads users have their headlights on. This means that you basically still need to have headlights and back light whilst you are out and about at night on your bike. A bike that glows in the dark is no substitute for lights. You have to see what is going on around you and others have to be able to see you as well.
Have you ever wondered what will happen if you are on a bike glows in the dark and a car is coming behind you without headlights? That is why having fun is no excuse for leaving common sense at home.