Bill O'Reilly Book on Lincoln

There are dozens of books that have been written about former American President Abraham Lincoln. Most of these however covers the whole aspects of the President’s life, from his upbringing to the day he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Now, popular TV anchor Bill O’Reilly (host of The O’Reilly Factor) and writer Martin Dugard (author of Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingston) have written a historical narrative that focuses on the assassination of Lincoln. The full title of their book is Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever. This Bill O’Reilly book on Lincoln was published in 2011. The book is divided into four major parts. These are titled Total War, The Ides of Death, The Long Good Friday and The Chase. These vividly chronicle the events that happened during the weeks before and after Lincoln’s assassination on April 14, 1865.

In Total War, we see Lincoln pacing the deck of the River Queen, a steamboat, as he ponders on the brutal civil war that continues to rage on under the leaderships of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. It was April 1, 1965 in Virginia, merely 14 days before Lincoln gets assassinated.

In The Ides of Death, people are celebrating the end of the war. Among those not celebrating is John Wilkes Booth who is instead going over his plans to kill the President.

The Long Good Friday delves into the day Lincoln died, April 14.

In The Chase which is the last section of the book, the manhunt for assassin John Wilkes Booth begins.

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The O’Reilly Factor: The Good, The Bad And The Completely Ridiculous In American Life (2000) – This book contains 20 chapters, each of which is the author’s take on a certain “factor”. The “factors” discussed by O’Reilly in the 20 chapters are class, money, sex, media, drug and alcohol, job, parents, dating, spouse, child, celebrity, politics, race, religion, success, friendship, the ridiculous, the bad, the good, and gratitude. O’Reilly usually starts a chapter with a “Note to:” wherein he addresses somebody related to the topic or “factor” of the chapter. Those given the “Note to:” treatment include Reverend Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Pamela Anderson, Evander Holyfield, and Sharon Stone. In some of the chapters, O’Reilly starts with a “Talking Point” instead of a “Note to:”. In chapter 19 which is the chapter on “The Good Factor”, O’Reilly lists the American personalities, musicians and movies that he admires the most.

Those Who Trespass: A Novel Of Murder And Television (2004) – O’Reilly’s first novel, Those Who Trespass revolves around several murders of major players within Global News Network. The bodies continue to pile up as the police tries to stop the killer from doing it yet again. The main characters in the book are Tommy O’Malley, a detective and Ashley Van Buren, a charming young reporter.