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Binge Drinking and Liver Disease: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?

Binge Drinking, Liver Disease and Underage Drinking: Whatever happened to Common Sense?

Taking Responsibility for your own Health

When Governments decided to introduce new smoking laws there was mass hysteria from the smoking population. The rights of the individual were questioned. What the smokers never seemed to accept was the significance of passive smoking.
So now, most restaurants are cleaner, smoke-free venues where you do now have an opportunity to enjoy a meal, the reason you were in the restaurant in the place! When you have finished your meal, you can leave in clothes that do not have the tell-tale odour of stale smoke lingering.

For a long time, Governments fought the introduction of the smoking ban, in their own interests. Too much revenue would be lost.

Eventually, Britain and Europe decided there needed to be a change in the laws, particularly as health costs and hospital priorities were spiraling.

So the smoking bans seem to be having a positive effect on many communities.
However, the focus is now on the effects of alcohol.

Alcohol, binge drinking, liver disease, underage drinking

But now we are experiencing similar problems with alcohol consumption so the Government is trying to high profile the effect of binge drinking, liver disease, liver failure, underage drinking and all other associated health issues with drinking alcohol.

New Advice, again!

The advice issued at the beginning of 2012 is to have two alcohol-free days. This does not negate the effect of binge drinking or drinking more than the recommended units of alcohol per day/ week. Men are advised to have 3 – 4 units per day, totaling no more than 21 units per week.
Women are advised to consume 2 -3 units per day, a total of 14 units per week. But these are guidelines only.
It is sometimes surprising to realize that a unit is only half a pint of beer, 25ml, a small pub measure of spirits or 50ml of fortified wine e.g. sherry.

Contributing Factors that affect how Alcohol reacts on the Body

Of course, there are so many more contributing factors to take into account when drinking alcohol. Thin people, people with relatives who have a drink problem, people with mental health problems, pregnant women, older people, people who have a poor diet, people on medication or if there is cancer in the family. These are a sample of factors that may affect the consumer.

Social Influences

But why do people behave irresponsibly with no thought for the consequences? Many people, particularly, the younger age groups, are influenced by the social issues. If everyone in the group is drinking alcohol, then they automatically join in. It’s the peer pressure, the wanting to be ‘normal’, the acceptance of you by the group.

Weekends in any town or city can be a no-go area if you want to avoid seeing young adults being unable to stand up, fights breaking out, people being injured and rushed off to hospital or single girls making sometimes fatal decisions to get in vehicles when they are too drunk to think clearly.

The effect on the Health Services

The effect on the Health Services has become immense. Weekends are a particularly busy time in hospitals, for the Ambulance crews and for the Police. Most of these situations are avoidable. It needs discipline and common sense from everyone. It needs everyone to take responsibility for their own behaviour, whether it’s in a public place or at home having one glass of wine.

Surely, that isn’t too much to ask to ensure you stay healthy. Afterall, with a sensible approach to drinking alcohol, the hospitals can be used for their real purpose!

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