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Biomechanical tattoo designs

A new way of tattoo design

Among modern tattoos one of the most popular and artistic tattoos is biomechanical tattoos. As the name itself suggests the meaning of the term ‘biomechanical’ here is the fusion of biology and mechanical aspects of human body. In short biomechanical tattoos specify the blend of machines with organic parts where bones and joints are replaced by metal pistons and gears. It shows human flesh in the robotic form. These tattoos are made in a way to look like a combination of flesh and machine. Twentieth century tattoo lovers crave for biochemical tattoos for its super-hero or alien type of look that some how describes their hidden power or seems to speak of the coming future.

Biomechanical Art

Biomechanical art evolved in 80s with Swiss artist H.R.Giger’s design of alien creatures in the movie ‘Alien’ by Ridley Scott.It popularized the emergence of the style of technology mixed with human anatomy.Giger showed biomechanical characteristics in his designs in Alien series and from the very art forms the tattoo concepts came out which showcased illustration of human body in terms of machinery.

Biomechanical tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos are generally depicted in black and grey to express the silver and metal character of machinery or robotics. Often tattoos are inked to stimulate a three-dimensional effect. The tattoos are made to cast an awe-inspiring appeal which is delivered through a special process borrowing touch from a surreal art. Nowadays different colors in accordance with the preference are painted for the sake of articulation. Tattoos in biomechanical forms give a sort of gruesome vibes and sometimes an awful feeling of the presence of titanium skeleton in place of flesh and blood or metal lever in stead of tendon. The tattoos are often used to express oneself as a cyborg or super human personality with special potential symbolized by biomechanical designs inked on his body. Some biomechanical tattoos tend to work as a blend of animal’s biological features with mechanical characteristics rather than looking as a mere cyborg.The tattoo could be placed in such a way that it may appear to be a part torn apart from the body and took a metal or robotic shape that inspires a sense of wonder. The tattoo designs may be complex and large or small and simple. All these designs bring the feeling of an incredible spiritual existence.

Biomechanical Tattoo Colors

Biomechanical tattoo colors

Though the commonest color to ink this type of tattoo is black and grey to bring out the metallic mode in modern times biomechanical tattoos are not limited to any certain colors and multicolored designs have emerged to enhance the real charm and weird beauty of machine under flesh.People can expose their adherence to science and technology by coloring a biochemical tattoo inked on their arm or on their chest. Excess in use of red color in the design signifies the stress on human parts or blue color symbolizes metallic portions. However the use of color depends on the choice of the individual who is going to get the tattoo.

Tattoo Placement and Tattoo Artist

Before rushing for a biomechanical tattoo it is very important to find out the right and reliable tattoo artist who will choose the proper and suitable design,will do the safety precaution and all the necessary steps to make one comfortable. One should make sure that the tattooist has a detailed knowedge about this type of tattoo and one should also be acquainted with the knowledge to make the perfect choice. In order to that several sittings can be arranged before the ultimate task. Biomechanical tattoos are awesome on arms and chests. They look stunning in both small and large sizes. If placed on thighs or shoulders or on calves they make a different appeal.

Biomechanical tattoos are thoroughly centered on fantasy and imagination. The popular art form has taken the grace of modern tattoo design and has become a gorgeous symbol of technology embedded with creativity. A different type of look comes with a special effect brought out by a wonder tattoo designed by a master tattooist. With the growing trend of modernism the character of biomechanical tattoo displaying super blending of human body and machine particles increases the craze for this type of tattoo and attracts people like magnet towards it.

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