Biopsy of mouth cancer

Normally there is a balance Between action and reaction. When This balance is Disrupted gene can cause Mutations in the Policies of mucosal cells (skin cells Usually) That lead to cancer. There are systems of self defense. For example a cell infected by a virus,
Before becoming cancerous has to self-destruct Mechanism Called apoptosis (cell suicide). There are elements of the immune Also Itself system (NK cells, killer cream) can destroy the cancer cell. These systems fail When all the c to cancer progresses.

The biopsy
The word from the Greek biopsy eat. Bios. Life and Meaning. Which Means vision. It is a procedure for allergy tissue of a living organism in order to make microscopic examination. It is Indicated When we are in a bleeding sore mouth, to stain, to numb or painful lump or an area, Which Takes m to s 15 or 20 after Removing the dt as Suspected cause (for example the cutting edge of tooth or addiction to snuff).

The biopsy is not only when to Indicated injury precancerous or cancerous is Suspected If That is done to reach the diagnosis in other autoimmune diseases of the disease or systemic. T Duty to be performed by a dentist to choose WHERE Specialized and when to take a biopsy. In 2005, patented the so-Called ‘clip B’ that Facilitates the biopsy of cheek, lip or tongue, Reducing operating time, discomfort and bleeding. Comparative studies scientific Have Shown the best quality of a biopsy taken With The clamp B Compared with Conventional procedure.

Today biopsy in the mouth is fast, simple and painless. It is essential to reach a definitive diagnosis of precancerous lesions Including Many diseases and Cancers.

Avoid snuff and l alcohols (mouthwashes and drinks).
Keep a clean mouth and act early on Infections by bacteria, fungi and viruses (vaccine Prevents HPV).
Avoid Prolonged sun exposure.
Avoid Prolonged heat in one area (cigarette on the lip).
Eliminate chronic revile Ulcers or erosions That cause (as edges of teeth or dentures That act on the tongue among other locations).
Physical Exercise every day.
Practice meditation as a stress Such technique.
Sleep eight hours.
Make a short nap.
Eating a diet with five servings VARIED of fruit, vegetables or vegetables with olive oil.