Birth Control can Make You Permanently Unable to Bear Children

Millions of women across the country take birth control. A simple medication tricks the body into skipping the ovulation period, and thus the risk of pregnancy is minimized. While many forms of birth control are fairly safe, there are some that can cause severe damage to the uterus. Some of this damage can make it so the female using the birth control can never have children in the future.

Intrauterine Devices

Since the 1970’s, basically since the time birth control was discovered, pharmaceutical companies have been trying to find ways to prevent pregnancy without requiring the patient to pop a pill every day. That pill is cumbersome, forgetting it just once can cause pregnancy to occur, and the chemicals cause a lot of women to suffer from mood swings.

That is why drug companies have been experimenting with Intrauterine Devices, or IUD’s. These simple devices use either birth control medication or copper (a natural spermicide) and are implanted within the uterus. The woman doesn’t need to worry about the device, nor does she need to remember to take a pill every day. The problem is that they can cause physical damage to the uterus.

Damage Caused by IUD’s

Over the years IUD designs have hit the market, and then they have been taken off the market because they harm the patient. Currently the most popular form is the Mirena IUD. This IUD is inserted into the uterus, but often it doesn’t stay there.

Mirena IUD has been known to poke holes in the uterus, or cause a tear in the uterine wall. It can be expelled, or work its way out of where it was implanted. The bottom line is there is a lot of danger to using this device that the drug company that makes it never warned the public about. Some of the tears can be so severe that those women can never become pregnant in the future, even if they want to.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have used Mirena IUD, and you have suffered from uterine tears or perforation, you may be able to file a Mirena IUD lawsuit. Contact a personal injury attorney today to learn more about getting started.