Birth Defects Are Largely Avoidable

Did you know that many birth defects are avoidable? The human body has an amazing way of producing miniature humans, and despite all of the genetic coding that goes into them, they are almost always perfectly formed. There are, however, a lot of children that are born with birth defects. Unfortunately, a little pre-planning could have prevented that.

Eat Healthy

While in the womb, the child eats what you eat. So if you shovel in Pizza, Pop Tarts, Cheeseburgers, and other greasy processed foods, the child is not going to get the nutrition that he or she needs. Instead, opt for a diet that is richer with whole foods (not a diet from Whole Foods, you’ll go broke). Wild rices, whole grains, vegetables (fresh or frozen as long as there is nothing added to them), and fruits will all help grow a strong and healthy baby.

Alcohol and Tobacco Must Go

Most people know the dangers of alcohol while pregnant. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that tobacco is nearly as bad. Smoking while pregnant will almost always lead to a baby born that is underweight, and can often lead to more serious defects. The toxins from the cigarettes flow right through the mom’s body, and into the baby’s body.


A large number of women get morning sickness while they are pregnant. There is really nothing that you can do to prevent that. However, if you can, exercise is one of the best things you can do for your unborn baby. By making you, and your heart, healthy, you are making the baby healthy as well. Don’t hold back just because there is a small human growing inside you. If you are physically able to run a marathon, go for it!

Skip the Pills

Drugs that are fine for an adult to take can have a devastating effect on unborn children. For example, taking Topamax (a drug approved to treat headaches) increases the risk of the child being born with oral clefts (cleft palate and cleft lip) 11 fold. If you don’t absolutely need the medication, don’t take it at all. Even prenatal vitamins are not as safe as they were once thought. Instead, eat more vegetables to get your vitamin needs.

Having a child is not a decision to take lightly, so when you do find out that you’re pregnant, don’t take the next nine months lightly. Instead, make sure you do everything possible to stay healthy so that little one can grow and be born healthy. Now there is always the random chance of birth defects, but don’t do anything to make that chance greater.