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Birth mothers and Adoptive Families Stay Involved in a Child’s Life After Birth

Adoption is an intimate process for the birth mother and the adoptive parents. Placing your child into the right hands should be done carefully, and it should include and consider the values of both families. Many adoptive parents choose this path because they are unable to conceive; this provides an opportunity for mothers with unexpected pregnancies to give their children a fulfilling life through the hands of individuals who are eager to have a child. Modern progressive open adoption works in a way that can allow flexibility; birth parents make a personal adoption plan, select the suitable family, and place their children for adoption with the families they personally select. Once both families are on board with the plan, birth parents and adoptive parents will become acquainted with each other, allowing the birth parents to see how their babies will be raised and choose the level of openness they would like to have for the adoption.

Choosing a Family

The adoption agency will provide profiles of the adoptive parents on its website. Birth parents are able to browse photos of each family to make an educated decision for their baby. The adoption process begins when the birth parents browse the website for their preferred adoptive parents. Birth parents are assigned to a caseworker that assists and educates them on their many different options. The caseworker will provide the adoptive family with all the information about the birth parents and ensure that both parties are ready to move forward with the adoptive process. If both birth and adoptive parents are ready to pursue the open adoption plan, the case worker will continue making arrangements, such as continued doctor appointments for the birth mother, retrieving updated prenatal records, assisting the birthparents and adoptive parents during the pregnancy, and obtaining counseling for the birth couple.

Benefits for the Baby

Birthmothers place their babies for adoption out of love for their children; they wish to provide them with financially sustainable lives, good education, and full support. An adoptive family would be able to provide that without having to sacrifice any other commitments. Caseworkers will provide education about the adoption process to both parents. Parents who are unable to assist their children financially turn to other methods, like allowing a secondary family into the picture to help raise the baby. In open adoptions, contact can vary depending on the adoption plan. This plan should meet the needs and expectations of both parents as birth parents can maintain a relationship with the child through photos, phone conversations and arranged meetings. An open arrangement can be beneficial during the latter part of the child’s growth and development.


Mothers may be concerned about what happens after they give birth to their children; however, the open adoption process is created to put the birth mother and adoptive parents at ease. The baby will not be left without adoptive parents, and, if the mother goes into labor, the adoption agency will make arrangements to have the chosen adoptive parents contact and meet her at the hospital (if she so chooses). The adoptive parents will stay at the hospital with the birth mother and the baby. Contact arrangements will be made with the adoptive family after the baby is born.

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