Bison Leather Boots

Bison leather boots are fashionable and for some they can also be very reasonably priced. These are all about being practical and keeping your feet warm during the winter months. A lot of people who are into animal rights movement will frown at anyone wearing fur boots. You might feel that they are hypocrites and should allow people to wear whatever they want. It is ironic because freedom of expression can encroach on the rights of others. What about bison leather boots? You know that cows give us leather but when you talk about bison, some people might not even know what that is. Bisons at huge animals that are sometimes called buffaloes. These powerful animals are great source of meat just like cows. Once they have been slaughtered and dissected for food, what do you do with the skin? That is where the bison leather boots come into play.

Is It Really Bison Leather?

If you’re not told about the origin of the buffalo leather boots, you will be unable to identify the type of animal that had to be sacrificed for you to be fashionable. One of the best locations to go to find these interesting and authentic leather boots is These are not cheaply made shoes and the price also indicates that a lot of hard work has been put into of the design. For example, the Abilene Men’s Tan Bison Leather Cowboy Boots will cost over $150. That said, you will definitely look like any Western cowboy heroes, although it won’t be super cheap. Like any genuine leather shoes or boots, you need to protect yours from the weather. Applying protective product is a good way to get longer-lasting use of your investment. If you then to spend almost $200 for a pair of bison leather boots, you might as well spend about $10 buying whatever it takes to buy protective polish. You can check out the deals on bison leather boots at Amazon for cheap.

Footwear Variances and Accessories

Not all bison leather boots are designed with a cowboy feel. There are those that are designed to give a more classic look. If you want ankle-length boots made from bison skins, you can go to Allen Edmonds to see some stylish men’s designs. They cater for men with taste for the finer things in life. Of course, you must be willing to pay the price for being trendy. Nevertheless, you know you will be getting value for money as most of the boots sold by Allen Edmonds are about $200. You can also get leather belts and other leather accessories to go with your pair of Bison leather boots.