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Black and Decker EH1000 Vs LE750: What's the Difference?

Which Should I Get the LE750 or EH1000?

Here, we will compare two Black & Decker ‘edge HOGS’ LE750 Vs EH1000, giving a brief overview of both, so you can get a clear understanding as to what they have to offer you and then go on to re-cap the significant differences between them so you can decide clearly as to which model to go for.

LE750 2 in 1 Landscape Edger Review

The Black & Decker LE750 is an electric power edger that works on a an 11 amp motor (4,700 rpm) and is aimed at cutting back grass, weeds and general overgrowth in your garden (for beds , trenches etc.) resulting in a clean cut finish. To start it, all that’s required is to pull a simple trigger mechanism and then release it back, for the LE750 to stop.

When it refers to 2 in 1, the LE750 has a dual purpose of being a landscape edger as well as a trencher due to the pull up edge guide it has fitted. The 7.5 inch steel blade can be adapted to three different lengths (1, 1.25 and 1.5 inches), so you can control the closeness of the cut you are after & the trench depth. A great machine for working in some flower borders or some ‘invisible dog fencing’ etc. comes at very fair price as well.

Weight: 12.4 lbs

EH1000 EdgeHog Lawn Edger Review

This is where people get confused between the differences of the EH1000 & LE750. The EH1000 electric edger is also intended for in yard trenching so for cutting overgrowth around your garden bedding, trees and borders. However, was the predecessor to the LE750 (i.e it has been replaced by the LE750).

It used to work through a 12 amp motor (again at around 4700 rpm) that has three position 7.5 inch steel blade with an edge guide for you to cut freely with & provides you with a very decent control of the cut. Then a extensive cord that has a built in retention system in order to keep it nice and secure. An excellent cutter that offers you leverage and ease of mobility, that gives you a high quality ‘clean-looking trench finish’.

Weight: 12.4 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the Black and Decker EH1000 and LE750?

As you can see they are essentially the same electric overgrowth cutter and trencher in terms of practical specifications (apart from a slight power change in the motor). However, as said the LE750 is the essentially updated version of the EH1000. Many customers who bought the original EH1000 ran into a lot of difficulties performance wise, but all of these factors have been corrected & modified with the LE750 model (hence why the EH1000 has also been discontinued).

The LE750 is currently the best seller for power edgers and is well and truly loved by its owners with a rating of 86% (sourced amazon.com).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the Black and Decker EH1000 Vs LE750 then please make them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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