Black Thursday Deals versus Cyber Black Friday Deals Finished

Getting the best deal seems to come on Cyber Fridays. I have gotten so many toys and electronics deeply discount on this day. I love being able to just turn on the computer and shop instead of fighting 100 people over a $5.00 toy. Sometimes the websites are slower during this time, but overall, the appeal is better to me than standing in line and messing with attitudes and fighting with others at the physical store. The best deals that I have found on Cyber days would be on toys. Electronics deals are good, but then you have to pay for shipping which negates the saves. I think Cyber Friday is better than Black Thursday. – Texas

Getting the best deal while shopping any product is the only and most wanted attitude of every customer. cyber black friday deals only are really better when you compare with black thursday deals. Black Friday deals are existing prior to black thrusday deals. More over Black thursday deals are introduced only to grab the customers attention and want to reduce the customers flow over black friday deals. I would like to buy Products of electronic appliances like laptop,telivison,tablet at a discount. Normally i will do online shopping so to avoid rush of going to the stores. But, the Black Friday won’t come multiple times in a year. So i won’t mind having rush while shopping and standing in a line for buying the discounted products i want to buy. – New York

Being an avid shopper that i am i love to save money on products and know how to shop and save, black thursday is by the best time of the year to shop for the best new items for the cheapest prices of the year. Right after you have your turkey you get to go all out and go shop and compete with hundreads of other customers with the same goal in mind, save money, buy quality, for me black thursday is the best time of the year from usual customers that buy items for themselves to use, christmas shop, and for those who are in the trade of buying low selling high, i am a combination of the two so i know that black thursday is definately the best time of the year to shop for amazing deals. – California

Black Thursday is better with more deals than black Friday. I don’t like buying stuff without taking a good look at it first since deals are more likely to be misconstrued – La Jolla, California

Getting the best deal is very important to most people, especially in these trying economic times. I think there are benefits to Black Thursday deals as well as Cyber Black Friday. There are some people that enjoy standing in lines for hours or dealing with the mad rush of crowded stores. Then there are other people, like myself, who would prefer staying home and shopping in their own time without the pressure and disappointment of Black Thursday. I think it is more beneficial to stay home considering Thanksgiving was only the day before or even that same day with many retailers pushing their opening times back. I always look for great Cyber Black Friday deals on dvd’s and blu-rays as well as video games and certain electronics. – Hudson, New York