Bladeless Ceiling Fans – Buy a Ceiling Fan Without Blades

Are you looking to get yourself a bladeless ceiling fan to fit in your bedroom or living room to keep you cool during the summer months? Well as you can imagine there are a lot of benefits that come with having a ceiling fan without blades (compared to a traditional fan with them), mainly in the fact that they are safer and are far easier to maintain (cleaning & look after) as well as actual airflow quality being a lot better than traditional bladed fans. So let’s have a look at some of the best bladeless ceiling fans available.

If you have done any research into getting yourself one of these unique bladeless fans beforehand you will know that Dyson were the first company to pioneer the air multiplier technology with their bladeless fan range. So you would expect them to produce the first Dyson bladeless ceiling fan, however it is in to be the first company to extend that technology (not quite the Dyson air multiplier, but similar workings) into a ceiling fan.

And it is only exhale fans who have a ‘true’ bladeless ceiling fan to sell at the moment, with them being available from $500. They provide you with a single 34 inch model (that is available in an array of different colored finishes from ‘fire engine red’ to contemporary ‘cool white’), they take on a circular modern and sleek design, which ‘hug your ceiling’, so is a great option for those who are after a celing fan with a low ceiling. You can see from the video above, it is certainly a good looking piece of equipment and has a certain sophisticated style to it, that will fit into almost any room decor.

With regards to specifications, they measure 34 x 7.25 inches and weighs in at 25 lbs. The motor installed is a ‘high efficiency DC’ that acts on a max of 34 watts. The CFM is around 3.2 on the high speed format and you are able to control it on 6 different airflow velocity levels via a wireless remote control. The recommended room size for it to cover should be no larger than twenty by twenty feet.

Moreover, as with Dyson bladeless fans & now these Exhale fans — the air flow ‘quality’ is far better, being smoother and non-buffeted (like you get with bladed ceiling fans, which is irritable and discomforting to your skin). Also, the air flow gets dispersed in a 360 degree airflow rather than just a ‘straight down direction’.Whereby the airflow will instead as more of a ‘breeze’ effect rather than a concentrated wind — a far more relaxing experience.

You can use the exhale ceiling fans without blades in conjunction with your air conditioning unit and is proven (if used in the right way) to significantly reduce billings and costs. It acts to generate a ‘cyclonic airflow’ to act to eliminate ‘extreme temp spots in your home’ whether it be cold or warm — producing a stablized ‘uniform’ temperature.

Dyson Ceiling Fans No Blades?

Now I think everyone believes that Dyson will have something up its sleeve in this regard given that they have already brought out an entire new range of top quality bladeless fans:

AM06 – a highly efficient and practically silent desk top fan

AM07 – a super stylish and modern tower fan to cool your living room/dining area

AM08 – a pedestal fan that works as the perfect appliance to help you get to sleep on a hot summer’s night.

This being said, it is surprising that they don’t already have some sort of Dyson ceiling fan without blades already, given there has already been a generation of air multipliers released. But, when they do (or if they do), you can be rest assured it will be top, top quality in typical Dyson fashion.