Blazeflash Franchise – Blend of Reputation and Profitability

Who would have thought that Blazeflash, a company that was waiting to be dissolved due to consistent heavy losses, would turn out to be a money spinner today in the courier business!!! It was only man who kept his faith and gave his best shot in resurrecting the business when all the other had given up hope. The Chairman cum Managing Director of Blazeflash, SD Agarwal created an absolute turn around in the history of Blazeflash. Today, this is one of the most respected companies in India for its affordable rates in delivering couriers to national and international locations.

Blazeflash franchise concept has gone down well with most of the youngsters in India because it gives them a very good opportunity to join hands with one of the leading courier companies in the country. The Blazeflash franchise operation aimed at helping youngsters who do not have the backing of education or money to nurture their entrepreneurial potential. Anybody who has the passion and drive for setting up his own business must surely give the idea of the setting up a franchise for Blazeflash couriers, a good thought.

Why should you set up a franchise?

If you are a youngster and want to set up your own business, some main issues that could be intimidating for you could be the capital needed for your business and the goodwill that you need to create among the general public. In the case of being a franchisee for Blazeflash, you can be assured that you do not have to worry about anything. You would already have the brand name of Blazeflash which is a big boost for you. You do not have to start from scratch to build up your business and earn reputation. The brand name itself will work for you. Also, as a franchisee you will be entitled to your commission rates as and when you undertake courier orders and deliver it to the right locations. You will be given a commission by the parent company on an order to order basis. Payment is systematic and you do not have to be hassled about the delay.

There is no restriction on the number of franchises that can be set up in a location. Therefore, there can be more than one or two franchises set up in big cities. This will attract the public more and just because of proximity of the Blazeflash franchise office near their locality, they will start visiting frequenting Blazeflash more often than the other companies. The instructions are clear and transparent and the franchisees will be given a structured online training about the activities that they need to undertake and other important details. The ambience is quite friendly and motivates the employees at the franchise office to a great extent. Some key benefits for the franchisees are:

? Guaranteed brand name and reputation
? No capital needed
? Clear cut training provided
? Commission based on delivery of every order
? Payment on time every month
? All terms and conditions are clear and transparent
? Excellent ambience to work