News Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent

Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent


Pull That Hair Out… Or Dissolve It – Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent

If you live with someone that has long hair or likes to trim their beard in the bathroom sink, then you know that blocked drain hair can be one of the nastiest clogs that you can encounter. Human hair naturally likes to pick up water, and what better place can it pick up lots of water than in the drain of a sink or bathtub? When it does this, it will either expand to encompass the drain if you have fine hairs, but if you have oily hair, you will find that these hairs will tend to clump together and jam up inside the drain. Either way, these hairs will block the water flow and leave you sitting in a pool of dirty water when you’re taking a shower or a sink full of shower hairs. How can you effectively get rid of hair from the drain?

You Can Use a Powerful Acidic Drain Opener To Do It

Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent

Now you’re not going to have much in the way of household products that can work to dissolve hairs in your drain, but you can run down to the hardware store and pick something up that will. You’re going to want to pick up a top of the line, professional drain cleaning agent that will literally scrape the walls of your drainage pipes clean. As it is doing this, the acidic nature of the solution will also work to dissolve the clumps of hairs that are preventing water from going down the drain the way that it should. These drain uncloggers can be quite expensive, however, so make sure that you’re not rushing the process here. The recommended time to wait is about 15 minutes before running hot water down the drain, but for the tough hair clogs, you might need to wait up to an hour. Just be careful when you do this – if you’ve got pipes that have had these clogs before, having the acids in your pipes could cause them to rupture.

You Can Also Just Open Up the Drain and Remove the Hair

Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent

Often times the only really good remedy to getting rid of a hair clog is to just take apart the drain and get it yourself. In a bathtub, you simply need to remove the part that closes off the drain, reach in, and clean out the hair. If you are talking about a bathroom sink, then the easiest method of removal is to take apart the trap and either reach up to get the clog or reach through to pull it out. Either way, you might find that this is the easier method of pulling out a tough hair clog. Just forewarning – if you choose this method after you’ve dumped the acids down the drain, be sure to wear gloves that are not cloth based, otherwise you’ll be hurting. Blocked drain hair, when either method is used, can be defeated, so go forth and clean your drain the right way today!

Blocked Drain Hair Can Be a Formidable Opponent
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