Blocked Drain Home Remedy

This Will Clear Your Drain Every Single Time – Blocked Drain Home Remedy

When you need a blocked drain home remedy, one of the first places you should look is toward the items that are in your home that are acidic. The top two things that are on this list are likely a can of soda or a bottle of vinegar. Having a bottle of acid does not count in this competition, sorry. You want to clean out the drain, not destroy it, remember? Now these two items need to have a little help in making that drain flow nice and clear, which means you need to have something that responds to acidic nature of the fluids that you are pumping down your drain hole. In your home, you’ve also likely got two items that would work: yeast or baking soda. Now yeast is pretty darn expensive and it can take a long time to work, so baking soda wins in this combination. Put those all together, and your drain will be clear in no time.

How Does This Combination Work?

The vinegar works first to start breaking up the parts of the clog that might be stuck to walls of your drainage pipe – well, it does if you stick it in first. Do this if you’ve got a particularly tough clog in there, like hair, or maybe chopped up leftovers that wedged into the pipes and got stuck. Let that vinegar work its acidic magic on that clog for a few minutes. A general rule of thumb would be about 15 minutes for regular clogs and half an hour for the tougher clogs. Then, when you’ve let it work awhile, you can either dump more vinegar down your drain hole for some added acidic goodness, or you can move on to the next step in this drain clog removal process.

The Next Thing You Do Is Add the Baking Soda

Baking soda as a white powder won’t clean out your drain, so stop looking at it funny. You’re going to perform a little chemistry and impress the kids with your apparent ability to recall high school science classes. Putting the baking soda in the drain with the vinegar is going to start a chain reaction that involves a lot of bubbles and gas. This combination helps to continue the clog dislodging process that you are seeking through your efforts. If you need a little bonus gas action down there in your drain hole, you can add some extra vinegar to the process and create a bigger chain reaction. If your drain doesn’t clear, just repeat this process a couple more times if necessary until it does.

That’s Really All It Takes!

You don’t need fancy chemicals that cost a fortune and don’t always work. Instead, go the holistic way and utilize the all natural ingredients in your home that won’t harm your kids or your pets if they end up swallowing some of it because it looks cool and tasty. This blocked drain home remedy is your key to being able to have a clear flowing drain each and every time you encounter a clog.