Blogging Made Simple

There is a misconception that getting started blogging is difficult. Many people believe that to setup a site that you need to have a computer programming background. Once you have that done, you might believe that you need to have a writing degree of some type to be able to post content that people will want to read. The truth is that anyone can and should start blogging.

The key is to make the process as simple as possible for you. In this process, we will use a free blog site that allows you to run a site without any costs. However if you are serious about blogging and possibly making money with it, you will want to invest a little cash in your own hosting and domain name.

Step One

You will need to setup an account at the site blogger dot com. This is a great platform that is run by Google that is free to use. You can sign up in a matter of seconds. Once you have setup your account, you can go about setting up a free blog on the site.

Step Two

Once you have a chosen a name for your blog. You can click on the create a blog tab on blogger. The system has you make a few choices about the look that you want your blogging experience to have. In less than 5 minutes your website will be up and running.

Step Three

Now you get to post content to your blog. Blogging can be about anything that you want. Perhaps you want to showcase pictures that you have taken with your camera. You can write short or long articles about topics that you love. You can even post like this is your journal. The key to blogging is to just update your site on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Blogging is not a difficult thing to do that it requires a college degree. All it takes is the desire to get started and the ability to put some work into the project. Even taking your project to the next level and making money blogging is not much more difficult than the steps above. It just takes a little more work and learning a couple more steps to the equation.