Blue Eyes Made Me a More Believer in Life After

The Television News Show 20/20 has been around for decades and for all practical purposes this is a viable, informing, entertaining and most of all, reliable Show. Many of us have watched it over the decades and many grew up never knowing Television without it.

Last night, the Host spoke of several aspects of the Paranormal but the highlight of the show was life after death. We all know the descriptions that people give when they go to the other side only to come back. They have similar experiences:a light, a guide, reuniting with loved ones. Kind of like the people who say that spot a Space Ship with Aliens. All of the ships are Flying Discs, metallic of course, and all of the Aliens have the large head, eyes and of course they seem metallic too. This makes one wonder if these people don’t have a little more imagination to mix things up a bit or maybe, just maybe, these events are described that way because that’s the way they really are!

Blue Eyes by Will Morales (Photographer)

Well, here sits one of the biggest skeptics in the world. Yes, I do believe in the Paranormal, but maybe I won’t allow myself to believe that I will ever encounter a ghost, for example. Or an Alien. I just don’t believe in them and I kind of have a good theory about why: I’m not quite ready to just pass out from such a sight. Neither do I hear things that are not there. A bump in the night can always be explained – well most of the time.

But a Neurosurgeon was on this episode of 20/20 last night. He was a Skeptic like many of us. He awake one night feeling so very sick; sicker than he had ever felt in his life. He had a serious case of Meningitis. He was rushed to the Hospital and went into a Coma. He experienced a death experience and now he has a certain comfort in knowing that there is a life following our death. What he experienced wasn’t the routine experience, however. He was not met by a Holy Presence such as God or one of His Angels but by a simple lady who had the most beautiful and the bluest of blue eyes that he had ever seen. She was to become his guide.

The Neurosurgeon was brought back to life. Happy both with his life and the revelation during his time away from the world, that he was filled with such awe at the vividness of the experience, so much so that he did not share any of it with anyone for a while. What he did was sketch a picture of the young woman with the blue eyes. On the canvas, you see his interpretation of the blue eyes and they are very beautiful and the image seems honest, as if he was trying his best to capture it on canvas.

The Doctor finds out that he was Adopted and had a sister who passed away not that long before at the age of 36. He finds the people who raised her and wants to see a picture of her. It was amazing how he captured even her face through his brilliant sketch of her blue eyes. Some things you can’t find anyway to look at except with a good measure of belief. This Skeptic certainly did!