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Tips on How to Choose the Best BMX Racing Bikes

Choosing the best BMX racing bikes has never been an easy task especially if you have not done a thorough research on what kind of bike you want. Answering several questions either for yourself or someone else will make it easier for you to make a decision. So do you want a racing bike? Will your playing ground be a skate park or a muddy backyard? Will you be hollowing out the dirt? These are just some of the questions you should know and take into consideration when buying a racing bike. What most people do not know is the meaning of the term BMX hence go about throwing the word without understanding the generic meaning. The term stands for bicycle motocross and can be categorised into three different types of bikes.


BMX racing bikes are grouped into true BMX bike, dirt jumper bike and freestyle bike.True BMX which was the first to be introduced is also known as dirt- equipped bike for races.It has twisted bike tires, a lightweight structure and parts and a sturdy hindmost brake. It is used for dirt -track racing and going off the road so fast in small distances. Dirt jumper on the other hand is a super strong trick and stunt bike. With its over-the-top frame, BMX wheels and pavement arranged tires the bike is capable of towline detangling axle pegs and headset. Riders can be able to ride at skateparks, executing or learning different tricks and stunts.

Jump bikes sometimes called dirt jumper are basically a blend of freestyle bikes and BMX bikes. It has strong frame, hind brakes, twisted bike tires and BMX wheels. Its mainly used in skipping ramps and carving trails.

Factors to consider

Buying BMX racing bikes there are specific features to be considered depending on what you will use the bike for. To start as off is the bike tires. Tires of these bikes have a connection between dirt and pavement designs.With most of them being off the road they are hard packed dirt thus allowing low undulating resistance. The tread in the tires offers optimum speed, grip and traction when making a corner or accelerating. Freestyle on the other hand has tires designed for indoor and pavement surfaces. Since speed is not a major issue of concern and the optimum conditions are not controlled, dirt jump bikes are designed for extra traction with their drags a bit heavier. Another factor is bike handle bars with jump and freestyle bikes having a steep raised bar to give a better ride for clamping area. Thus better freedom during movement in performing airborne and flatland drills. Brakes are another factor. Freestyle comes with both the front and hind brakes while the BMX and jump only have rear brakes.

Where to buy BMX bikes

BMX racing bikes are both sold online and in leading retail shops. However, has even made it safer, easier and cheaper to buy these bikes. This has led to them being even more popular. Their free shipping services, no sale tax, delivery to your doorstep and knowledgeable assist team are just but some of the services they offer.

With all these factors taken into consideration one cannot mess up in their search for the racing bike of their dream. Keeping them in mind while shopping for BMX racing bikes will greatly come in handy in purchasing the best BMX bikes out there.

BMX Racing Bikes
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