Boasting leads to many disasters in life

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People nowadays tend to boast a lot of stuffs that they have or going to have such as luxurious car, a big house, or even clothes that they just bought. Compare to previous generations, people are more humble and think rationally before they speak or do anything. I do admit that boasting could be a lot of fun especially looking at the face of the person you’re boasting and showing off at and also the feeling of intense pleasure and grand by telling them what you have and what they do not have or achieved. Also, we do not have the rights to stop someone from boasting non-stop as it is not our lips that is moving , and all we can do is listen with respect or if you’re lucky, that person is talking about something that you enjoys talking too. Yes, we could boast and show off at times but not always because we do not hold our own future for ourselves and if one day, the company goes bankrupt or you might lose your job, not only that you do not have an income but you might also lose your dignity too after all that proud talking! And when you’re at the lowest and poorest state, no one would be there for you as you would probably be known as the one who “showoffs” every time among your friends and family. Besides, boasting would end up with you being in this situation where you:

  1. Lose friends or family members. (As in they do not wish to contact you)
  2. Hatred and jealousy among your friends and family members.
  3. Over confident to the point where nothing is right and only your own opinion is right.
  4. Fail at gaining or achieving something because you are too proud to do it or too confident that whatever that thing is useless even though it would help you in the future.
  5. Lose dignity or respect from others.
  6. Could not find any help or solution to your problems in the future. (Life do have its ups and downs)
  7. Reveal yourself too much to other people. The more you boast about your own success, the more you leak out what is meant to be a secret to your success.
  8. Could also sin more. Boasting and taking pride in to yourself is already counted as a sin and as you go on with someone, it might lead to something horrible that is unexpected to you.Boasting leads to many disasters in life, Seekyt
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As humans, boasting, bragging and showing off is a part of us where we enjoyed and feeling great about ourselves.  Everyone on earth do boast around at times, in fact it is good for you too because it promotes self-confidence to ourselves. But if the boasting goes excessive, there are more negative and disadvantage to us than promoting our own self-confidence. We should always limit our talks and words to everyone as to prevent people having negative talks about us. “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel, Fashion designer.

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Boasting leads to many disasters in life, Seekyt
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