BOB Jogging Strollers – Reviews and Complaints

A Bob jogging stroller, whether it is a double (duallie) jogging stroller or a single jogging stroller, sits on the high-priced end of the jogging strollers. Starting just under $750, the Bob jogging stroller models only go as low as just slightly under the $300 range.

The consumer reports place Bob jogging strollers as being in the top highest safety rated jogging stroller models as well as sporting one of the highest customer satisfaction reviews.

Starting at the priciest end of the jogging stroller line, the Bob Revolution Duallie 12” AW Stroller Black sports an innovative pivoting front wheel, which is lockable and swivels for a quick and easy turning radius. Designed with extra padding for the double reclining seats, the five-point harness is designed for ultimate safety and comfort for the little ones. The suspension is 3” and is especially designed for the all terrain wheels, which have proven to be reliable and durable under all conditions.

The founders of the Bob jogging strollers are self-labeled outdoor enthusiasts, who wanted to offer fitness-minded parents a safe and secure elite jogging stroller. Each Bob jogging stroller is constructed from high-quality materials, which are crafted into lightweight and durable jogging strollers. The aircraft aluminum framing design is perfectly suited to the rugged alloy wheels.

The Bob Ironman jogging stroller is by far the lightest weight of the line of jogging strollers designed by the manufacturer. The uniqueness of the Bob jogging strollers is the feature of the fine-tune tracking and adjustment suspension system. The alloy wheels have steel spikes and sport shocks that are stiffer than on other brands and sports a foot breaking system.

The Bob Ironman jogging stroller was designed for tri-athletes that train for serious competition. Designed for the smoothest possible ride available, this jogging stroller can take on all types of terrain with high-pressure road tires, which provide a top-notch consistency rarely found in other brand name jogging strollers. This suspension is designed for optimal stability when the jogging stroller is in motion, as to better keep the infant or toddlers from being unnecessarily bumped around in the jogging stroller.

The maximum weight capacity of the Bob Baby Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Red is set 100 pounds and has a foot-activated dual-rear parking brake, which locks out both rear tires. The five-point harness adds safety and security and sports double reclining seats, which are adjustable.

This Bob Baby jogging stroller also features independent canopies for optimal protection from the elements and a peek-a-boo window. The Bob Baby Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Red is based around the same price as the Bob Revolution Duallie AW jogging stroller, with the same swivel wheel system for optimal handling and maneuverability.

The manufactured suggested age is for an infant as young as one month and up on these Bob jogging stroller models, which accommodates adjustable infant car seats. Sporting two interior roomy pockets and buckle closures, this jogging stroller also has a canopy with a peek-a-boo window and is designed for comfort and optimal security when it comes to the parents and the children. If you have your own reviews or complaints you want to add about BOB Jogging strollers please feel free to comment below.