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Body-Solid GFID31 Vs GFID71: Comparing the GFID31 and GFID71 Utility Bench

Body Solid GFID31 or GFID71 – Which is Best for You?

The following account will compare two quality workout utility benches from Body-Solid — GFID31 Vs GFID71 — through firstly providing a brief overview of each with regards to their specific aspects & features, so you can get a full sense of what they have to offer you and then going on with a concluding section that contrasts and recaps their significant differences from one another. In all, you will then be able to easily identify which bench (with an appreciation of price) is best suited for your home gym.

Body-Solid GFID31 Review

The GFID31 is a high quality utility bench (priced at just over $300), pretty much designed to be the center-piece of any decent home gym — where it is extremely versatile being perfectly suited for smith machines, weight racks and free weights (e.g. dumbbells, barbells etc.) due to its shortened base frame.

It supports correct form and positioning for you when performing a whole range of exercises, particularly ‘presses’ (shoulder & chest), so you are entirely secure and safe (being able to accommodate a huge 600 lb weigh capacity). The GFID31 is easily adjustable on 6 solid levels flat/incline/decline on a ladder style (see image on the right) as well being able to be adjusted on the back pad & seat pad (so it can cater for all size users, small & large, when doing knee sit ups & crunches).

You will also see that it comes with a T bar leg hold down attachment at the base for when you are in a decline position and DuraFirm upholstery to ensure you’re comfortable. It also comes with wheels, so you can easily re-position it or if you’re done take it back to storage. You can also add a leg developer & preacher curl attachment to improve the functionality of the GFID31 further if you wanted to.

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 22′ x 59′ x 27′

Body-Solid GFID71 Review

The GFID71 is essentially an upgrade to the GFID31 (& hence is slightly more expensive), hence although it incorporates many of the same core aspects being a flat,incline & decline bench, but it does improve on them to the extent that Body-Solid claim ‘nothing comes close’.

It is constructed with 2′ by 3′ steel frame that can hold in excess of a total load capacity of one thousand pounds. Moreover, the back and seating pads can be adjusted to eight levels so you can get the ideal workout posture in free weight training, smith machine & rack training — supporting your body firmly & comfortably with ultra-thick 2.75 inch DuraFirm upholstery even in the most intense workouts.

Like the GFID31, the GFID71 also comes with t bar leg hold down with oversized rollers for you to lock your legs in/under when working your abs & back (on incline & decline training). You can also expand it with the preacher attachment, leg developer & lat attachment. This is an ideal bench even for a luxury commercial gym.

Rating: 84% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 19’H x 70’L x 28’W

What’s the Difference Between the GFID31 and GFID71?

The major difference is that the GFID71 is that it can withstand more weight — taking on a 1000 lbs as opposed to 600 lbs with the GFID 31 as well as being more ‘expandable’ as you can add the lat attachment as well.

Note: both workout benches come with a lifetime warranty.

Which Workout Bench Should You Buy the GFID31 or GFID71?

Both are really great benches, loved by their owners ,but which one you go for depends on what kind of home gym & exercises you plan on doing. If you are just constructing a standard gym, in all likelihood a GFID31 will serve you perfectly well, but if you are looking to get quite serious with it, then you may want to be looking into getting the GFID71 (particularly if you are going to be exercising avidly). But which workout utility bench will you buy the Body-Solid GFID31 or GFID71 & why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding either the Body-Solid GFID31 Vs GFID71 then please make them below & if you’ve found this article useful please give it a share/like.

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