Body-Solid PFID125X Vs PFID130X: Comparing the PFID125X and PFID130X

PFID125X or PFID130X – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare two of Body-Solid’s most popular utility workout benches — PFID125X Vs PFID130X — through firstly providing a brief overview of their features & specifications and then going on through a concluding section to highlight their significant differences. This will in turn help you to easily identify which is the right bench for your home gym.

Body Solid Powerline PFID125X Review

This powerline ‘multi’ bench (with its best price coming in at just over $150) comes already assembled ready for you to workout on straight away, serving as the ideal exercise, barbell & ‘dumbbell companion’. It is easily adjustable upon 7 different positions (incl. flat, incline, decline) , so you can get the ideal workout positioning.

You will also notice it is incredibly compact (yet still very durable & strong with a specified weight capacity of more than 475 lbs) and is actually foldable (folded dimensions: 9′ x 57′ x 16′), making it perfect for those who are quite tight on space.

Moreover, it comes attached with wheels, so once you are done working out — you can simply wheel it away into storage — and out of the way. In all, the PFID125X is a basic yet very decent & well-regarded workout bench will cater for most people’s fitness needs & comes at a very affordable price, certainly worth checking out.

Rating: 84% (sourced | Dimensions: 16′ x 57′ x 18′

Body Solid Powerline PFID130X Review

The PFID130X is a slight upgrade to the PFID125X also being a ‘flat, incline, decline bench’ but is also similarly best priced at around $150. The idea behind it, is that it helps support correct & proper form for when you are performing press exercises (e.g. chest & shoulder presses) with either a dumbbell or barbell set.

It allows for a quick four position alteration on a ladder system (that can be seen in the image above) and you can also adjust it via the seat pad (at four separate positions) for bent knee sit ups — as it also comes with a secure T bar leg hold down as well. Again, a solid bench — more than capable of holding 500 lbs) that comes at a very good price.

Rating: 82% (sourced | Dimensions: 20′ x 55′ x 25′

What’s the Difference Between the PFID125X and PFID130X?

As you can see they are pretty similar the obvious differences, however come in the fact that the PFID125X is foldable & the PFID130X comes with a proper T bar leg holder. A lot of the other aspects remain the same — adjustable at 7 different aspects etc.

Note: both benches when bought new come with body solid’s famous 10 year warranty cover.

Which Bench Should You Buy the PFID125X or PFID130X?

They both come in at $150, so it comes down to basically which best suits you. If you don’t have a lot of room at your house or in the gym, the fact the the PFID125X is foldable has its advantages. Then again, if you have enough room, the T bar leg hold down that comes with the PFID130X will add a significant dimension to your workout with decline crunches and knee pull ups etc. to help with your core development. Which bench will you buy the PFID125X or PFID130X & why (let me know just below)?

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