News Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead

Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead


Whether you need a nook or an auditorium, the fact remains that these days you aren’t going to be getting anything that you need without the right type of support. You need the very best room booking system to get the room where you want, when you want. It’s no secret that many times servers are perfectly able to muck this process up. Rather than let that happen why not look into your room booking system or service and find out all that you can beforehand. There are four things that every room booking service needs to have at the ready and they are all things you should be looking for.

Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead

Backlogs: To begin your room booking system needs to have an ample backlog of intel. Your service needs to be able to call up a room on any main thoroughfare in any city in the world and they need to be able to get you a desk or a room in that facility. If you are working with amateurs they may have their foothold in on some places. You need to be working with a partner who has their hand in all the major markets and even a few of the not-so-major ones.

Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead

Placement: Just because they have the information about where these rooms are doesn’t always mean that their information is current. If you are working with a big talking service who has a room booking system which is patently useless because none of the intel is current, then it doesn’t matter how many phone numbers your partner has; they’re all useless! You need a business partner who has their hands in the kitty and they keep tilling the fields, using these contacts, and keeping current when new management is at play. It really does no one any good if all the numbers in their books dial phones who don’t recognise them.

Uptime: When you are working with a new and in-your-face room booking system you might be impressed with how quickly things get done. However, there is the matter of a machine with constant downtime. It can be a real drag on the whole operation. If you don’t have a business partner who has 100% uptime or nearly so, then you are working with the wrong team. Imagine if all of your partners had 95% uptime? Or 75%? Or 50%! Imagine if all of your business partners worked on odd or even days. Now imagine trying to get your work done 7 days a week! Impossible. You need to be linked up with a partner who knows the importance of your time and values how they contribute to your success. Anything less is unacceptable.

Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead

Service: There must be a strong customer service backbone to your service. If you can’t decipher where your calls are being answered from, if the people on the phone don’t know who you are, or if the help they give you is unreliable then you might as well be learning a new language all by yourself! Your booking system needs to have a strong support team in place who know the product and can help you out of a jam, always. If their system doesn’t make sense to them, how are you supposed to operate it?

One of the very best in the room booking game is Condeco Software. Whether you book with them or you go in search of another there are a few things which every room booking system and service should have at the ready; design, delivery, and support.

Where does you room booking system stand on these important areas?

Booking Your Space for the Meeting Ahead
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