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Books On Starting A Business


So you’ve decided to start your own business, but you’re at a loss for where to go from here. With the state of the economy in an ever-changing whirlwind, creating your own business is actually a wonderful idea. As a business owner you will retain job security at a time when most people are not guaranteed any type of employment. Not only will you have a definite job, but investing in a business also has the ability to give flexibility in hours and the times that you work. So, if you’re in need of a road-map and a route to take, I have mapped out several of the best books on starting a business.

Books On Starting A Business

The E-Myth Revisited

This is, perhaps, one of the best business start-up books out there. Have you ever considered the question as to why so many small businesses fail so quickly? In his book, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber talks about the many different myths that surround the idea of starting your own business. He also demonstrates that many assumptions people make about starting a small business can actually become road blocks to success. Not only does he give insight into these problems, he also helps guide the entrepreneur through the many stages of a business start-up. After you’ve read Gerber’s book, you will have gained an invaluable source of information and be able to grow your business by approaching it from a unique angle.

“If you’re a small business owner whose business is out of control, stagnant, or worse, or if you’re thinking of going into business yourself, this book can be of immeasurable value. “ -Erika Mitchell

“The key according to the author is to make your business into a system like McDonald’s that anyone can run. Too much of a business is dependent on the owner to be there. You’re not there, the business doesn’t make any money. If you’re not there for an extended period of time, you won’t have a business when you come back. “ – Michael Mendenhall

“If you are an employee, have little or no prior experience in business, but are keen to start your own business, you would do well to read this book. There are a lot of things that you should know before taking the plunge. This book will save you a whole lot of heartache and unnecessary aggravation. “ -Ng Chon Hsing

Books On Starting A BusinessThe Art of The Start

This book, “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki, discusses the necessary ingredients to starting pretty much anything. Most small businesses begin with a very strong idea that grips a person and won’t let go. While many are, in fact, gripped with such great ideas, many people are not sure how to turn their ideas into actions. This has earned its place among my list of books on starting a business because the author clearly states how a person should identify their customer base, write a business plan, establish partnerships, and also establish a brand identity. There are a great number of ideas throughout this book that any entrepreneur, no matter what business type, who is interested in the concept of starting a business would greatly profit from reading through it.

“Rather than abrasiveness and a “do this, don’t do this” attitude, Kawasaki uses humor to explain the process. Anyone who has a small business including those around for a few years will benefit. When ready to take action, use this book as the manual that doesn’t come with starting a business. Thinking about it isn’t going to make a business successful. “ -Meryl K. Evans

“I have built my business into an internationally famous brand, and yet after reading this book, I have this nearly uncontrollable urge to chuck my whole business and start all over again. Guy’s book revealed so many things I had never even suspected and shattered so many of my illusions, that it read like a novel. I would love to be the bank for the people who read this book.”—Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books

Books On Starting A BusinessStart Your Own Business

The book, Start Your Own Business by the staff of Entrepreneur Media, is perhaps the best business start-up book that you will ever need. With this book, you are diving into thirty years of knowledge and experience through the authors. This resource is a wonderful investment that will give you invaluable information about start-up essentials as well as a very comprehensive view of what it takes to survive as a successful small business when others around you are failing. The many different areas that this book covers on business formation include: finding your target market, creative ways of funding your business, using online resources to create a business plan, successful marketing secrets, the art of using social media, and it even includes many different forms and worksheets for your own personal use. Not only does the book include all of this information, it also contains insight from many experts and other entrepreneurs in the workplace. Reading this book will be one of the best things that you could do for yourself if you want to start your own business.

“…after living with Start Your Own Business for several months, and finding myself not only referring back to it, but also recommending it to family members and friends, I now realize the banner isn’t a claim, but is a credible statement. The amount of detail inside, along with dozens of worksheets, makes this an ideal handbook to be kept within reach at all times.”-Roger C. Parker

This book has tons of info in it. I can’t stop reading it. I love everything about it. A must buy for anyone thinking about starting a business. “ -Bruce Lund

“Starting out is sometimes the hardest part of being an entrepreneur. I wish that I would have found this book earlier, because it would have made some of my transitional periods shorter. “ -Luke Glasscock

It is my hope that you will find this list of books on starting a business as a great resource for your continued success as an entrepreneur. The first steps of starting your own business are always the hardest as you fight for motivation and knowledge; yet, you have taken a wise step in attempting to find sources of advice through many entrepreneurs before you. I also encourage you to search Amazon yourself for books on starting a business that will greatly benefit you in the long-run.

Books On Starting A Business
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