Boomers: How To Keep Your Memory Safe From Aging

Keeping Your Memory Safe from Aging

As Boomers age, inconsistencies in the brain can cause a toll on memory. We tend to store information differently as we age and it depends on how your brain processes it for recall which can affect memory in most boomers. As we get older some of the hormones slow down and even disappear causing a lapse in memory. The same goes for certain chemicals in our bodies.

The brain stores information in different places. It could be in our short term memory, which is usually things that just happen like remembering someone’s name you just met. Or, it could be in our long term memory which recalls things from as far back as our childhood. Even though our short and long term memories aren’t affected by aging, the information of certain situations such as where you just parked your car may be a problem.

Preserving memory

There are things that you can do to preserve your memory and to remember the things that are important. Keeping a list of what you need to do is a major factor in keeping your memory safe from aging. Try to follow a routine helps too. Calendars seem to become very important to the boomer and have you ever noticed there may be several in an aging persons home?

Learning new stuff helps to keep your body busy and your mind stimulated. Dancing is for the body and learning to play a new game can keep your mind active. Everyone, old and young tends to forget words now and again but if you seem to be doing it a lot more than normal, do some crossword puzzles or play some scrabble or memory games, anything new that will give you needed stimulation.

Memory loss is just a side effect of aging, but depression may cause you to forget too. Even some medications will do this. But the worst, which is Alzheimer’s disease, can be a culprit in memory loss. If you suspect depression or Alzheimer’s, don’t just shrug it off, go get some help from your doctor.

On a lighter note, memory problems can be irritating, but besides Alzheimer’s they usually not severe. Seek medical help if it seems to change your lifestyle and daily living because the sooner it is diagnosed, the faster any condition can be improved.

Prevent Memory Loss

  • Exercise, one of the most important things you can do. Aerobics increase blood supply to the brain.
  • Balanced Diet, does wonders to your memory. Taking high fat and an unhealthy diet out of your system will do your body good.
  • Vitamins and nutrients and supplements to benefit your brain. Things like folic acid, Vitamin c and Vitamin E, B6 and 12.

All in all in comes down to taking care of the most important person, YOU. It’s never too late to keep your memory safe from aging.

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