Boost Your Energy Level Naturally

Fatigue – Man’s Achilles Heel:Many years ago Vince Lombardi astutely stated, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”, and he was absolutely correct.

Fatigue is generally defined as the temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from strenuous physical or mental work. It’s experienced by people in every walk of life from world-class athletes competing to everyday folks doing normal tasks, and always results in performance being diminished.

More often than not when people with comparable athletic ability compete fatigue is a major factor in determining the winner… and of course, the loser. Likewise, in the business world mental fatigue can manifest itself in one’s thinking ability thereby adversely affecting performance and advancement.

Energy and Peak Performance:The human body requires energy in order to perform mental and physical tasks. As energy is expended the mind and body start to wear down because their supply of fuel is being exhausted which gradually causes fatigue to rear its ugly head. The natural result of this is to adversely affect performance.

While this is not a major consideration in everyday endeavors it becomes a daunting challenge as the significance of consistently performing at the highest levels increase. The competitive nature of business and athletics teaches us that excelling in one’s field of endeavor is generally well rewarded. This “carrot” causes serious competition among people who are dedicated to achieving success in life.

Delaying Fatigue: The threshold question relative to such competition therefore is how to delay fatigue from hindering one’s ability to reach and maintain their highest level of performance in order to excel? The answer is quite simple: have a sufficient amount of energy available while performing one’s respective activity so that fatigue is delayed or retarded. This begs the question “how is that accomplished”? The answer is predicated on a basic understanding of how the human body uses energy.

Depleting Energy:In an ideal world the human body would produce a sufficient amount of energy to enable you to achieve maximum performance without experiencing fatigue. Unfortunately, as you know, that’s just not the case as there is always a shortfall of natural energy in such instances. What you might not know, however, is that the human body starts depleting the energy it produces long before you exert any effort, even the simple act of lifting a finger.

Energy is created in humans through food consumption. Before this energy becomes available for use in various mental and physical activities it must be used for internal functions required for health and life.

Digestion – The Energy Hog: The body’s most important function is digestion. More energy is required for digestion than for any other bodily function, including every type of physical activity. Accordingly, energy required for digestion receives absolute priority. As more energy is needed for digestion less is available for use by other functions and activities. Conversely, when less energy is required in the digestive process more becomes available for other functions including mental and physical activities.

It logically follows that, as more energy is available to the body for use in performing mental and physical activities the further out the onset of fatigue is pushed. Using available energy will enable one to achieve maximum performance in their specific field of endeavor.

Maximize Your Available Energy: The ideal way to maximize available energy and enjoy good health is to eat foods that are easy to digest. This will consume a minimal amount of precious energy so more of it will be available to the body for other functions, e.g., physical activities, mental acuity and awareness.

Conversely, consuming foods that are not easily digestible causes more energy to be used for digestion leaving less available for other bodily functions that in turn suffer diminished performance.

Energy Pills and Supplements:The worldwide demand for products that claim to create more energy in the human body, also referred to as an energy boost, is growing geometrically every day. The integrity, affects, and consequences of these products are beyond the scope of this article. Its focus is on naturally boosting one’s available energy in order to perform at their highest possible level while knowing the methodology’s integrity, affects, and consequences.

Learn more about naturally boosting your energy level and achieving peak performance in “Maximum Energy Diet” at The title notwithstanding, this is not a diet in the traditional sense nor does it bear any resemblance to one. It is a versatile, easy to understand and follow method of eating everyday foods you like that digest efficiently. This will ensure that your body has a maximum supply of energy available for physical activity, mental acuity, and better health without any potential adverse consequences.