Boosting turnover Through Exhibition

For most businesses, the exhibition is one event promoting products or services to be offered to consumers. But no doubt, besides that the businessmen also expect gain advantage from the sale during the exhibition.

After the exhibition ends the story there are ups and downs encountered. Among them there are who admit that if the material is calculated, the sales have not been able to cover the cost of booth rental and operational during the exhibition. For example the experience of Mrs. Widodo, a traditional herb drinks entrepreneurs in an exhibition of food and agricultural products in Jakarta. ‘If calculated, the sales at the exhibition do not necessarily cover the cost of booth rental is quite expensive. I consider this as a promotional costs alone, ‘ She said.

But behind it there may be a lot of satisfaction because the stand was visited, and got quite a lot of new relationships during the event. But there are also those who simply gain success in terms of profitability because many of the products or services sold during the exhibition.

If indeed the exhibition has become an effective way of promotion, so as not to upset the participants an exhibit at least attention to the following businesses.

1. Is the event / exhibition to be held an institution or event organizers deemed useful views of the accuracy of the timing and the target visitors in respect of products / services that will be exhibited.

2. Find out who the organizers and the track record of exhibitions that have been managed previously. Including how to do promotional exhibition.

3. If you have decided to follow an exhibition, choose t stand a strategic place to visit.

4. Make it stand as attractive as possible from the decor, friendly service stand guard and patient in explaining the product.

5. Provide a compelling offer, such as discounts for products during the exhibition.

6. Do not forget to prepare business cards. Many exhibitors feel sorry for neglecting this one. Because without realizing they’ve eliminated a lot more opportunity to establish relationships and to better known by consumers.

In essence, the exhibition is an event promoted very fitting for a business and product, if followed in the event or theme of the exhibition proper and in accordance with the target visitors. While business people who want to be a participant must also prepare ourselves for the purpose to follow the show can be achieved.