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Boot manager windows 7 and Windows 8


Windows boot manager and Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a Boot Manager, you can also use multiple operating systems simultaneously on the computer. You have the ability to control downloading, to determine how long to stay on the display of the Boot Manager to make a choice, and can also set the default operating system.
Furthermore, additional operating systems may be integrated. Although not the final behavior of the boot of Windows 8 is still remains unknown, even in the new version of Windows boot manager and the Board of the Central bcdedit.exe tool available. You also have the capability of Windows 8 Developer Preview in the virtual hard disk, parallel to existing installations of Windows to work.
In contrast to the virtual machine can access the Windows 8 here full hardware machine, but still does not require redistribution of your hard disk. Again, you can test the new download manager in Windows 8 or use the Manager of the old system.

Managing with Bcdedit

To manage the Boot Manager in Windows 7 and Windows 8, there is no graphical interface, but only the bcdedit.exe command-line tool. There are third-party tools such as Easy BCD, which you can make changes in the GUI. However, these tools are not compatible with the eighth developer preview for Windows
To change the description of the operating system in the Boot Manager, click Start, right-click command prompt with administrator rights. Type Bcdedit, it displays the command prompt, run the installed operating system, write to the Boot Manager (description) and the installation path. To change the description, the best boot this operating system.
Then type Bcdedit/set {}, the current description of ” one. Restart the next time you see a new designation. To change the default operating system boot process, the launch of the production system, and type MSCONFIG in the search box in the Windows Start menu, when you start.
Then switch to the Startup tab. Here you can set the default operating system. In addition, you still have the ability to change the duration of the show in the boot menu. These settings are in the same form, even in Windows 8
But before you make any changes to the Boot Manager in Windows, you must do this before. Also help you to use the Bcdedit command line. The tool allows the problems with the Boot Manager and recovery. For this purpose, the following commands:
Bcdedit/export-creates a backup copy of the current configuration. Bcdedit/import-sets the Boot Manager, created from the backup.
You want to change the order of operating systems boot manager in Windows, you need another command prompt with administrator rights. Type Bcdedit one and remember the value of the entry identifier for the operating system. You can also copy record to Clipboard, if you open a menu, command line and choose Edit/Select.
Select the record ID and press (Enter) key. To configure the priority, use the following command: Bcdedit/display order {current} {}
You want to copy the existing records to make them, for example, to process a selective basis, use the Bcdedit/copy {current}/d ‘. Additional options are available with optional Bcdedit/?.

Manager, Boat repair

Starts your system no longer productive, you also have the option to repair computer repair options in Windows 7 and Windows 8, the Boot Manager. To start the system in the Windows 7 installation DVD or Windows 8 and open the command prompt. A system restart, you can also start by pressing F8 repair options. Then you start repair command line.

Bootrec/FIXMBR command, you have a great chance to save the system. Command rewrites the master boot record on a new hard drive. Isn’t it will leave you with bootrec/ScanOs display operating systems that are not registered in the Boot Manager. Here you can see quickly whether there are systems that recognize, Manager, but not yet integrated.
Bootrec/RebuildBcd command on these systems may again enter the Boot Manager. Bootrec/Fixboot often helps if you have several Windows 7/8, another operating system such as Windows 7 on your computer. Command creates a new Bootmgr Boot Manager.
Windows 7 and Windows 8 start bootable partitions that are marked as active. Is this not denied if both advance. For the hard disk should be marked as active. Follow these steps:
Restart the computer from the installation DVD or if it is still possible with F8 in the options to repair computers. Open a command prompt. Type DiskPart and press. Type select in the context of Diskpart com

Boot manager windows 7 and Windows 8
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