Bovine Colostrum Supplement Reviews

If you’re wondering what bovine colostrum is, then you’re in for a treat of the magnificent discover of colostrum. The bovine colostrum supplement reviews of this product have shown to be the latest new discovery in helping to improve our health. Bovine colostrum comes in a powder form, and can be used to improve our health in numerous ways like never before. This day and age we’re more vulnerable to disease the pollution and toxins that are among our society. In the air we breath and the foods we eat. So we must take the appropriate measures to boost our immune system, and give it exactly what its missing.

What is Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is found in the milk of cows, and is only good for the first few days. Colostrum also is available in the mothers milk briefly when it comes out of the breast. It’s very unique because it provides the body with these antibodies needed for our immune system. We all require these, but particularly infants when they’re born.

These antibodies become the first defense for our immune system. It immediately alerts the body when a foreign invader enters the body. These antibodies can do magnificent things to help our body fight any kind of disease. Bovine colostrum also has proven to increase Natural Killer Cell activity by 23%.

Natural Killer Cells are important because it automatically alerts the body of tumors, or infected cells that need killed. The good thing is that they’ll only attack infected cells, and won’t touch healthy ones. It’s a way of educating the immune system, and quickly removing problems that occur within the body. This is what makes bovine colostrum so effective, unique, and can help a person recover from any illness or disease they’re suffering from.

The best thing is that there’s no known side effects when taking bovine colostrum. It doesn’t overwhelm the immune system, and even works well with those that suffer from autoimmune disorders. What the bovine colostrum does is act as a teacher to the cells, and tells it when to attack and when to rest.

Highest Rated Bovine Colostrum Supplement

Symbiotics Colostrum plus is the highest rated pure colostrum supplement to buy online at Amazon. You’ll find a lot of reviews on this supplement and what it can do for your overall health. I think it without a doubt can do a lot for your health. Some of the things it can do besides boosting your immune system’s defense, is also help build stronger muscles.

If you’re prone to getting sick a lot, I think you can find that this colostrum powder supplement can prevent and even treat different illnesses without any side effects. If you also have digestive issues you might find comfort in using this product as well. It’s very comforting to the digestive tract in the body, and can help enhance good bacteria. It’s best to take colostrum on an empty stomach while drinking water. It enters the bloodstream much faster.

4Life Transfer Factor Plus

This is without question the best bovine colostrum supplement on the market. It’s not just a colostrum supplement. It uses other ingredients like aloe vera, maitake and shitake mushrooms, and B-Sitosterol to boost the immune system response. No product out on the market can enhance immune system response like Transfer Factor.

According to studies it can boost NK cell activity by 437%. By far the most superior immune system product out on the market. The best thing is that there’s been no toxicity reports when using Transfer Factor in extremely high dosages. Transfer Factor will not interfere with any medications you’re taking. But if you have a long history of health problems, then you should still talk to a doctor first.