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Bow And Arrow Building Instructions


Bow and arrow building instructions

Bow and arrow building instructions always came in handy for the early generations of man. This is because they relied on bows and arrows for protection and also to get food. If one reads the history of several people, the bow and arrow always has a central position in the life of the people. This is because incase a group of people was attacked, or wanted to attack another; they would use arrows to fight. Arrows were also used to gather food given that people were hunters and needed arrows to get their food.

Bows and arrows today

Nowadays however, hunting and the use of bow and arrows to fight is almost a historical subject. People today use arrows for sporting activities. There are however some people who still use bow and arrows for hunting – whether this is for food or just a sporting activity is a different matter altogether. Bow and arrow building instructions are therefore important to these people so that they can make the very best bows and arrows.

Making a high quality bow and arrow takes a lot of time and effort. It is never as easy as it appears. One can however take a relatively shorter time to make a simple bow and arrow. Although modern warfare does not require extensive use of bows and arrows, bow and arrow building instructions always come in handy even in modern battles.

Bow and arrow building instructions

The first step towards making a bow and arrow is looking for the perfect stick for the bow. The stick should be very flexible so that it can bend easily when being used. Juniper and mulberry are some of the best trees from which one can get flexible sticks to use. The best woods to use should be dry although one can still use green wood if there is no other option.

The second step one needs to do is to check for the natural cover of the wood. This is because very wood has its own natural curve.

One then needs to shape the wood accordingly by ensuring that the middle of the stick is a little thicker than either ends. This will make the bow perform very well and not break easily.

For the arrows, one needs to select sticks that are straight to ensure that they are not affected by wind and do not deviate from their intended target when shot. One should then go ahead to shape the arrows by ensuring that there is a notch at the back and the tip is sharp and pointed. One can glue feathers top the back ends of the arrows.

Once one has already made the bow and arrow, they should be careful not to use it where there are people or leave it somewhere children can find them. This is because children may use the bow and arrows and start playing with them. They may end up hurting each other instead.

The bow and arrow building instructions are meant either to help people to survive or for sporting activities.

Bow And Arrow Building Instructions
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