Boxer Puppies for Sale In Rochester, NY – Choose Your Dog Carefully

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I read an ad in the paper; it said that there were Boxer puppies for sale in Rochester, NY. Rochester is just one place of many, many places where puppies are for sale. Many of these puppies for sale are from back-yard breeders. People who breed their family pets once or twice just to make some money selling the puppies. Normally, they don’t care who they are selling their puppies to, as long as the cash comes in.

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There are a few breeders out there who are stand-up citizens and do right by their dogs by only breeding selected females with selected males from the breed who have the right genetic make-up to bring about fine puppies. These responsible breeders normally have a waiting list of people who want to buy their puppies, and some can cost up to $2,000.00. These pure-bread, papered dogs can be show dogs, and often are. However, any dog can be a happy family dog, papers or not.

Then there are the mills. Puppy mills are the bottom feeders of the dog breeding world. These people will set up wire cages upon wire cages and fill them with breeding dogs. As long as the dog has enough room to stand up and turn around, that’s enough to the mind of a puppy mill owner. I’m sure you’ve heard of the puppy mill raids on the news here and there. It does happen now and again that puppy mills are taken down by authorities for cruelty towards animals. Depending on the state however, punishment for such crimes range from serious penalties to small & none.

The puppy mill puppies are the ones behind the glass of the mall pet store, and are often advertised in local papers. Kids go crazy for them and adults feel sorry for them, people buy these puppies and don’t realize what they are doing is putting money in the pockets of people who neglect, often abuse and are irresponsible owners towards the dogs they are breeding. Often covered in fleas, feces and sick, they are forced to breed or culled from the business. They are mass produced so the prices can stay reasonable. However sometimes the prices can get very high for some breeds that are popular at the time.

Movies have a huge influence into the, cash for dogs, world; 101 Dalmations, Air Bud, Eight Below, etc. People purchase the popular puppy, thinking it’s so cute and fuzzy and it’ll be smart just like in the movies. The public often doesn’t realize that the dog in the movie is trained for months and months, daily routines are established and it’s difficult to be diligent in this type of training. It takes work and exercise to make a good dog. Even buying from a responsible breeder is not going to guarantee anyone their perfect pet.

So when you see an ad for Boxer puppies for sale in Rochester NY, think in your head whose pockets are going to be filled with your money. Is it an irresponsible puppy mill owner? A back yard breeder trying to make money off of a four-legged member of their family? Could it be someone who just didn’t get their pet fixed and she got pregnant on accident? How can you know?

First, go to their home; insist on seeing the parents of the puppy. Look at how the dogs live and are treated by their family. Check for signs that might be covered like a barn on the property, sounds of other dogs whimpering or barking. Use your own judgment to decide if this is a person who you want to give your money to. And also think about the pounds, shelters and rescues in your area who are trying to help homeless dogs find homes that are right for them that they can stay in for the rest of their lives. Think before jumping into the pool of puppy ownership. Make the right decision for your family.

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Boxer Puppies for Sale In Rochester, NY – Choose Your Dog Carefully, Seekyt
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