Boy Nursery Theme Ideas

There are a wealth of boy nursery theme ideas to choose from if you are expecting a little man in the near future. To help get started decorating your nursery, peruse the ideas listed below and see if they are the right nursery theme for you.

Nautical Nursery Theme: This is an often overlooked theme, considered mostly by parents living on a coast or those with explicit nautical interest. Still, it remains a popular boy nursery theme idea and one you should consider. The colors, navy and white, are a great match for any room and the images are fun for kids. If you are considering this nursery theme, keep in mind some of the prominent items you find in a nautical nursery: stripes, anchors, boat steering wheels, and compass rose decorations. If you are not sold on this specific boy nursery theme idea, you can always combine it with an underwater theme to spread out the interests represented in the décor.

Transportation Nursery Theme: This is one of the most popular boy nursery theme ideas out there. It offers parents the ease of buying decorations since there are so many to choose from. Whether it be wall stickers or nursery rugs for boys, there will be no shortage of nursery decorations for a transportation theme. If you are choosing this theme, try writing down a list of all the transportation items you can think of to make sure your cover air, land, and water options. Also, since this nursery theme has no inherent color scheme, decide on a color palette before buying decorations.

Safari Nursery Theme: Often the safari, jungle, and zoo nursery themes run together. That’s understandable since they all use similar colors and images. Colors for this theme revolve around greens and browns, and sometimes blues. This is one of the fun boy nursery theme ideas since there are so many great wall stickers and other prints to choose from. When buying nursery decorations for this theme make sure to keep the imagery similar, mixing cartoonish and realistic images can lead to a nursery with a broken theme.

Hopefully, this simple list of the more popular boy nursery theme ideas helped in getting you started. Have fun decorating your nursery.