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Boyfriend Body Pillow As Seen on Glee | Kurt’s Guilty Pleasure


In the last episode of Glee titled “Guilty Pleasures,” the Glee kids took it upon themselves to sing songs about their…guilty pleasures. Blaine took the initiative and led the group, and though the kids were not okay about it at first, citing that “Mr. Schu is not here,” they eventually gave in when Blaine and Sam took the stage and sang. Besides, as Blaine said, regionals is almost here and there’s no time to waste.

While those Glee kids back in McKinley High’s concept of guilty pleasures is all about songs from artists and singers they wouldn’t ever admit to listening to (such as Barry Manilow, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, and the Spice Girls), Kurt who currently lives in New York with Rachel and Santana, gave us a shocking revelation — he sleeps with his boyfriend body pillow!

The moment Kurt opened his chest and let out the arm pillow, my initial reaction was, “Hey! I know that pillow! It’s on my list of funny gifts for bestfriends!” You can just imagine my glee when I saw it on TV.

So why does Kurt have one anyway? I don’t remember what he said exactly, but I think he mentioned the word “security” when Santana and Rachel confronted him about it. (If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me in the comments section below.) Judging from the status of his relationship with Blaine and Adam, you can tell that he’s confused and that he obviously needs time to sort things out. And since he can’t cuddle or hug any of these guys, he’d rather hug something as a substitute.

When I heard Kurt’s explanation about the pillow, I went back to the day when I was researching for the perfect gag gift for a bestfriend without a boyfriend (or girlfriend). And when I saw the pillow, it was more of a funny gift to me. I didn’t think that some people would actually take it seriously — well, at least in a TV show.

And then it occurred to me, maybe the pillow is therapeutic. Or maybe Kurt is right. It gives a loverless person “security.” At the end of the episode, Kurt gave boyfriend-less Santana her pillow-arm. Honestly, I didn’t expect the design of the pillow. It made me laugh hard. It’s red / plaid and it has breasts!

What do you think? Do you agree with Kurt? Does the pillow offer some kind of security? Or do you see this pillow as it is — a gag, prank, and a funny gift?

Boyfriend Body Pillow As Seen on Glee | Kurt’s Guilty PleasureBoyfriend Body Pillow As Seen on Glee | Kurt’s Guilty Pleasure

Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow, Blue and White


Boyfriend Body Pillow As Seen on Glee | Kurt’s Guilty Pleasure
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