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I’m writing this article because I believe there are many stereo types going around which generalize a guy interests, although we do share a lot of common ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, I just wanted to clarify what these are even though every guy is different. What I am about to write are my own personal opinions but there are many great websites around the internet, such as which allow guys to comment on current trends which apply ‘men only’, I thought it was cool how they chose the domain ‘.cc’ which could also represent motorbikes.

Firstly, I would like to state that I am not the typical ‘jock’ type guy, I’m more of a computer geek, but I don’t think my appearance reflects that and so I must admit I like to dress stylish with ‘Cheese Cloth shirts’, ‘501 jeans’ and ‘Leather Jackets’. Lets face it, even if you are a rocker and I myself love music, it is fact that we are always being judged by our appearance whether it is by the ladies or by potential employers. Its just the direction the world is moving in!

Most guys have some love of technology, whether it is cars, computers or accessories. We love to stand around talking about ‘specifications’, I was more artist in my teenage years until I desired a retro classic car and I bought an MGB GT and learned quite a lot about mechanics. Women wouldn’t be wrong for saying that most real men ‘get their hands dirty’, because I was actually surprized when a friend of mine couldn’t even change a wheel on his car.

Other things that us guys get slandered for usually turn out to be pretty harmless, for example, I recently noticed in a forum that a discussion was takign place about the women’s ‘Lingerie Football League’. The main arguement against was that it was ‘sexist’, but my opinion is that there are plenty more worse things women could be involved in and it is these type of trends which guys are often held in coonversation about.