Branding Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry is one of those things that always seem to come in beautiful small boxes and engraved packaging. If you are new to the selling sterling silver jewelry business you may be wondering how those succesful jewelers get those decorated boxes, and how expensive it is branding wholesale jewelry boxes. The answer is, branded wholesale jewelry boxes are often as unexpensive as unbranded ones, provided you order enough of them. There are many benefits of packaging your jewelry items with customized wholesale jewelry boxes, which is why succesful jewelry vendors always do it.

Increasing The Item Value

The key to success as a sterling silver wholesale family business is, without a doubt, being able to sell your items at as high a price as possible. Of course, to do this you want your customers to also feel they are making a great deal for themselves, and good packaging is key to increase the perceived value of your jewelry. Wrap it on a cheap paper bag, and your customers will believe they received subpar items. Put the silver necklace or earrings on a pretty cardboard box with your logo on it and immediately it looks like it should be more expensive.


Many people buy jewelry as a gift, and you may have found already that a large portion of your customers are not buying for themselves, but trying to find that unique gift for a loved one. Many people would love if they can buy their jewelry gifts online, and have them already packed on a stylish jewelry box, suitable to be presented right away, as opposed to have to find gift wrapping and do the packaging themselves. If you offer a gift wrapping service you’ll have not only happier customers, but a great opportunity for tastefully placing your logo on it. This way people will associate your brand with happy circumstances.

Do You Throw Away Beautiful Jewelry Boxes?

Most people keep the original box their jewelry came in and use them to store necklaces or earrings when not wearing them. Branded jewelry wholesale boxes means that you can have your business logo there, conventiently placed to remind your customer where they got that jewelry piece from. Using cheap packaging that cannot be reused or forgetting to customize it is a wasted marketing opportunity. Stylish branded jewelry boxes also make great props when you are taking pictures for your online store, and help increase the perceived quality of your wares.

Ordering Branded Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

Wholesale jewelry boxes manufacturers often offer additional services for larger orders, including branding and a wider colour and material choice. Keep in mind that buying jewelry boxes wholesale can take longer than just a next day delivery order at your local printer. Since those orders can take a while to be delivered, it’s worth being prepared and keeping a medium sized stock on your shop so you can pack orders and never run out of branded boxes while the next batch is being prepared. Depending on the materials used, you may need to assemble them yourself, which isn’t such a bad thing as they’ll take less space when in storage.

Using branded wholesale jewelry boxes means that you can differenciate yourself from the competitors in terms of quality, and avoid entering a competition on prices. Having a strong brand and good quality packaging makes your items look more expensive, allowing you to increase prices while keeping your customers happy that they are getting more than they paid for. Thinking about branding and packaging is one of the things you can do before starting your own business as a jewelry wholesaler, since it will increase your value as a business and allow you to set higher prices right from the start.