Bras for Better Posture

Wearing bras for better posture is one of the easiest ways to get a little help with straightening of the back and shoulders. You don’t have to do anything but wear it, after all, women who wear bras have to wear one anyway, so why not wear a posture support bra.

The effects of poor posture pose numerous health risks. Some of the health risks include: sore muscles, fatigue, difficulty breathing, neck head and shoulder pain and joint stiffness. There are more, however, these are the most common, along with the more serious one, and that is permanent curvature of the spine or hunchback.

Bras that are designed to provide better posture may cost more than a regular bra; although, they’re worth it in the long run due to all the health risks that can be caused by incorrect posture.

When you think about it consider all the money and aggravation you’ll save by staying pain free.

Posture support bras may take some getting used to as the fit is a bit more snug than normal. Note I said snug and not tight. The good news is that you will adjust to it in no time and be as comfortable as ever. You will also feel a slight tugging as a reminder to pull shoulders back and straighten up.

There are three main types of bras for better posture and they are: front hook, pull over and longline posture support bras.

The front hook posture support bra is the most popular for every day wear and is designed for those who need a little extra support with minimal posture correction problems.

Pullover posture support bras are similar to sports bras with extra support and are excellent for the active woman who works out and is on the go. This one is the most comfortable.

Then there is the longline posture bra that is worn primarily by larger busted or full figure women who want to improve their figure. Longline bras help create a slimmer appearance by flattening the tummy and smoothing lines or bulges that sometimes make women self conscious about their weight.

I like to wear front hook posture support bras at work and the pullover type around the house and for working out. My posture is not too bad, but I have a tendency to round the shoulders and slump, which runs in the family.

You will find that all posture support bras come with different features such as underwire or wireless, front or rear hook closure, rear criss cross bands and support panels on sides and back, especially in longline bras.

When shopping for bras for better posture it’s important to read features and descriptions closely to know exactly what is promised. Checking out reviews is helpful as well since they tend to go into more detail.

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