Braun 720 Vs 790: Comparing the 720s and 790cc

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720S or 790CC – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare two very popular & premium 7 series shavers from Braun — 720s Vs 790cc — giving a brief overview of both & what they can offer you. Then going to highlight their differences, to help you to ultimately decide which best suits your grooming needs.

720s Shaver Overview

Shaving Performance & Technology

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Installed with ‘intelligent sonic technology’ that performs 10,000 mini vibrations & ‘3 personal modes‘ (sensitive, normal & intensive) which allows you to optimize your shave for different facial areas in order to remove hairs (regardless of length) effectively. The shaving technology implemented works on the basis of a triple cutting action system — which is basically three separate optimized (OptiFoil) cutting elements — two outside blades which offer minimum discomfort whilst performing skin level shaving whilst the middle trimmer actively lifts flat lying hair & remove its.

Battery, Specifications & Aspects

Additional comfort & smooth feel from the shaver is provided due to the flexibility integrated with a pivot head to adapt to your facial contours as well as the shaving elements themselves varying depending on the hair length being cut.

With regards to cleaning the 720s everything is 100% waterproof and hence can be simply rinsed under a running tap — this also offers you the ability to shave dry or wet too. In terms of run time, the lit-ion battery allows you approximately 50 minutes from one charge (which takes an hour) & the 720s offers you a 3 level LED indicator to let you gauge the battery condition.

Dimensions: 4.8 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches | Weight: 1.2 lbs | Rating: 86% (sourced:

790cc Shaver Overview

Shaving Performance & Technology

Like the 720s, the 790cc is installed with the unique intelligent sonic technology for highly effective capture & removal of hairs and offers the three distinct personalization modes (particularly useful for those with sensitive skin). Furthermore, it works on the same integrated optimized triple action cutting system to enable all round cutting comfort & a extremely close shave.

Battery, Specifications & Aspects

It operates on the lit-ion battery that enables a 50 mins run time (lasting around 17 days of continued use) and can be fully charged within just an hour. You can gauge the condition of the battery to a greater accuracy with 6 LCD levels & like the 720s also comes with a foil replacement indicator (letting you know when the shaver head needs replacing, roughly once a year). It also allows for a 5 minute quick charge – which will give you one fast shave.

Accessories & Attachments

The significant difference between the 720s and 790cc comes in how seriously the latter takes into consideration cleanliness and hygiene. Firstly, it is actually fitted with a gauge to let you know how clean your 790cc shaver is, but it also comes with a sophisticated cleaning docking station — that acts to full maintain (lube, clean with a specialized solution & charge) your shaver. It also offers additional cleaning features such as: ‘fast clean’, ‘auto program selection’ & ‘active drying’.

Dimensions: 4.8 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches | Weight: 1.2 lbs | Rating: 88% (sourced:

The Difference Between the Braun 720s and 790cc

So with regards to the shaving performance of the two shavers they are actually pretty much identical — the major differences comes in the advanced LCD interface of the 790cc compared to the LED one on the 720s as well as the 790cc coming with the ‘cleaning docking station’.

Also, the 790cc does get a luxury travel bag in comparison to the 720s’ standard pouch, additionally both come with cleaning brushes. Another slight variation is in the overall design of the 720s & 790cc — the 720s is all black whereas the 790cc comes in black & noble metal.

Which Shaver Should You Buy the 720s or 790cc?

With a price difference of around just $20, both being priced around the $200 mark — I would definitely go with the 790cc given the amount of extra value (as described above) you get for just an extra 20 bucks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the 720 Vs 790 then please make them below & if you’ve found this article useful be sure to give it a like or share (will be much appreciated).

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