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Braun Series 5 Vs Series 7: Comparing the Series 5 & 7

What’s the Difference Between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7?

Are you looking to invest in a new Braun shaver, however (like many) are a bit confused over the specific differences between the Series 5 range and Series 7 models? If so, this comparison guide — Series 5 Vs 7 — will be able to help you out, through highlighting not only the key differences but their similarities too, so you will get a clear overview of what ‘extra’ the Series 7 shavers have to offer you over the series 5 (but what bottom line service they both provide).

Braun Series 5 Overview: the main shavers include the 550cc and the 590cc, they are designed with mainly two aspects in mind i. ‘maximum performance” and ‘excellent skin comfort’, they are integrated with a range of ergonomic designs and practical shaving technology. As you will see they also come with their own lubricating, cleaning and charging stations.

Braun Series 7 Overview: this range of shavers is Braun’s premium & most advanced range (incl. 720s, 760c, the extremely popular 790cc and the absolute best braun shaver of the lot the 799cc). What makes them so unique and excellent shavers is the fact that they come with the ‘intelligent sonic technology‘ (more details below) and have been constructed with all the extra aspects and features.

Note that the specific shavers will differ slightly from one another (i.e the 720s is different to the 790cc, even though they are in the same series of shavers), so take the comparison below as a general guide to comparing series 5 with series 7.

Shaving Performance & Technology

Series 5: Flexible Cutting Elements |

Series 7: Sonic Technology | Personalization Modes |

The 7 Series of Braun shavers comes with the highly optimized sonic technology that performs over 10,000 micro vibrations within 60 seconds, that works incredibly well to remove & capture hair but makes it entirely comfortable. You also get three personalization modes for different aspects of your face: sensitive, normal and intensive — allowing you to customize your shave to your specific facial hair and skin. In contrast, the series 5 operates on a triple action cutting system with optimized elements to effectively remove long hairs and short hairs in the same movement. Overall, despite them both having to an incredibly high standard, the sonic technology is a proven better performer with regards to shaving ability & being completely non-irritable in comparison.

Flexibility & Contour Ability

Series 5: Pivoting Shaving Head | Opti Foil | Active Lift

Series 7: Pivoting Shaving Head | Opti Foil | Active Lift

They both work on the an opti foil system with an arced base to provide an incredibly close skin tight shave. Moreover, they work on the same pivoting mechanism which adapts to your specific facial contours on a 33 angle to give you easy access to those problem areas e.g. under the chin and close to the jaw line. They both come with an active lift feature too which is the middle element that ‘actively lifts’ flat lying hairs on your face for them to be cut off at skin level. You will also find with some models (in each range) they come with an extra ‘precision trimmer’ for you to style and detail facial hair — with goatees, side burns etc.

Hygiene Cleaning Station & Features

Series 5: Full Wash | Clean & Charge

Series 7: Full Wash | Clean & Charge | Auto Program Selection | Active Drying

You will also see that most of Braun shavers come with a station point. What you will generally find though is that the Series 7 ones tend to be more advanced. Firstly note though that all these Braun shavers are fully 100 percent waterproof so can be rinsed under a running tap to remove any hair that resides on the foil head.

The basic charging & cleaning station, that comes with Braun series 5 shavers, is capable of washing your shaver with the Clean & Renew system which uses an alcoholic cleaning solution to get your shaver ‘like new’, giving it an optimal cleaning performance. Moreover, it lubricates the shaver to ensure its cutting ability is fully optimized. It also adds a hint of lemon, to keep it smelling fresh.

The 7 series stations offer the above as well as an array of additional features such as: an automatic program cleaning selection – whereby it will workout what program is most appropriate to use (eco, normal or intensive) to get your shaver in ‘like new condition’, an active heating mode – to dry your shaver faster and a fast clean (within 25 seconds). All really quite impressive features.

Battery Performance & Aspects

Series 5: 45 mins run time | charge 1 hr | foil & hygiene indicator | 4 stage

Series 7: 50 mins run time | charge 1 hr | foil & hygiene indicator | 6 stage

You will notice between the shavers that the run time is slightly longer with the series 7 models (only 5 minutes) but they all have the same charge time of around 60 minutes — but you have a more detailed battery gauge for you to judge the condition of the battery (and when it is due a potential recharge with the 7 series shavers). Both series 5 and 7 come with a foil indicator letting you know when the shaver head needs replacing (usually once every 3 months) and hygiene indicator, meaning it wants to go back to its docking station to be cleaned.

Which to Buy a Braun Series 5 or Series 7 Shaver?

With regards to the Series 5 Vs 7, it is clear the series 7 is better in almost every aspect — shaving performance, hygiene levels and in the run times. The only feature they are similar on is the shaving mobility. In all, with a general price difference of around $50 to $80 between the series 5 and series 7 — the latter does tend to offer a lot more value for money and since you will be likely using it almost every day, I would say its worth going for ‘bit extra’ with the premium model (just to make the experience a bit more enjoyable and produce a better finish). Let me know what Braun shaver you decide on though whether it be a series 5 or 7 as well as why (in the comments below).

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Braun Series 5 Vs Series 7 then please make them in the comments below. Also, if you have found this article to be useful at all, please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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