Break free from a break-up

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Love and emotion

Love is a very complicated emotion. It is probably the only situation where the human mind is capable of being selfless, no matter how horrible the person is. If you are loved by the one you love, well, you just won the lottery. On the other hand, if things don’t turn out the way you want, you will soon find yourself in a horrible situation. It does not matter whether she/he is a awful person and you found him/her running on a third wheel or the fact that he/she doesn’t care that you will gladly take on Hulk Hogan to save him/her; in both the cases, you will be the one who will suffer if you don’t do something about it. Emotions are always precious, and they should never be wasted, and that’s where the beauty of it lies. You never seem to know how to control those barrages of emotion that seem to make your chest feel like a ton. Here are a few things that can set you in the right track…

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You need to let all that sorrow and pain leave you. The more you hold them in, the more they will hurt. Close the door, shoot some tequila, put on some sad music and cry as much as you want. It’s not unmanly to cry. In that case tear ducts would have become vestigial organs in men. So let it flow.

DO NOT try to get a rebound girl/boyfriend. They do not last and you will end up putting another person in the same place as you are now. To be precise, don’t rush into another relation just to forget this one. They may feel like what you want and you may be tempted as you are used to not being alone all the time.

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Forgive but don’t forget

Most of us forget that friends exist when we are in a serious relationship. Make up to them. They will ignore you, just as you probably have been doing when you had your old toy. Meet up. Make up. And never let them go again. Go out, have fun, watch movies, have parties and night outs. Start living again.

Throw out all gifts! After that try to remove everything that reminds you of your lost love. If the gift is expensive, keep it stacked away for at least sometime. If you two shared a pet, don’t take it out on the poor animal. It is innocent.

Travel, anywhere you want. Meet new people. Have lots of one night stands. Go to exotic places. Smoke exotic stuffs. When and if you survive, we can advance to the next stage.

Forgive but don’t forget. The person you loved is a human after all, unless it was the first cases of intergalactic romance, in which case, give NASA a call. You will become an instant millionaire. Humans make mistakes. Forgive him/her, and you will feel way better.

Invest in yourself. That can be anything from new bags, shoes, a new gadget, a new hairstyle to a new tattoo. Love yourself, and you will instantly feel better. You need yourself more than anything at this time.

Always remember, things happen for a reason. A better person is waiting. Just give love a chance…

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Break free from a break-up, Seekyt
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