Break-up moment? GET BACK UP!

Be patient, something good WILL always happen.

Life has its own good and bad. It is also quite common that nowadays you would see or hear from the news that certain people commit suicide due to a small matter that can always be solve. One way or another. Love is a powerful yet blind affection that we have towards someone that we just knew or we knew them long ago. This affection that we have towards someone is somewhat irresistible and perfect just the way we wanted. But not everything goes as plan. Every one of us have to understand that we DO NOT set our own future. We can ONLY plan it. Not everything will go the way we wanted. If we would to set our own future from the beginning. I bet we would not get to meet our closest friend and also achieve something that could have been our success. To whoever that has just experience a break-up or had experience but still feeling the pain until today. DO NOT think of doing anything stupid that will cause everyone close to you to feel miserable. Here is what you can do about it:

1. TALK TO ANYONE THAT IS CLOSE TO YOU. That’s right, TALK, it is everyone’s favourite thing to do. Now talking to anyone that is close to you helps you a lot! Like literally. It is like a form to express out all your feelings that to accumulate it inside your head. Accumulation would soon cause depression especially a break-up. You just have find someone that you can talk to and to express everything to them. Regardless whether or not you feel like it, it is a necessity to just release all that sadness to someone. You could talk to your friends or family members about it. But I recommend someone who is older than you would do. That is because someone who is old is normally wiser.

2. FIND AN INTEREST ON SOMETHING. Finding an interest on something is extremely important to overcome this situation. Interest on something could help you distract and avoid on constant thoughts about your ex or the reason for the break-up. Example, it has been 6 months since I last broke up with a girl that I love so much. Honestly, it’s been eating me up alive from the inside. The only way for me to avoid thinking about her every day is to develop “feelings” for cars. Currently I am so obsess on Ferrari and most of my free time, I have been researching on it. This indeed has help me a lot to overcome that hurtful feeling. That is why finding an interest is important in this process.

3. SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY. I bet while you’re dating, you rarely spend time with your parents’ right? Most of the time you would hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, unfortunately after breaking up, you wouldn’t be spending time with him/her anymore. This is your chance to make it right again to your family that you left them out for a long time! From experience, spending time with your family could help to keep your emotions in check! They’re the perfect people to spend time with especially when you’re sad. Certain friends do help, but they have their own problems too. Sometimes they wouldn’t be bother with your problems and couldn’t help you but our parents will always put us first regardless of what.

4. DELETE EVERYTHING THAT REMINDS YOU ABOUT HIM/HER. It is harsh to delete those perfect couple pictures with sweet smile and comfort just by looking at it but we live in a harsh world right? This is a MUST to do things after a break-up and knowing that you couldn’t be with someone that you used to love anymore. If by chance, you keep those old photos, it’ll generate memories about that person and it makes you hard to forget about them although they are not part of your lives anymore. I know it hurts to delete but sometimes certain things are worth deleting. =)

This 4 steps could help me solve my problems about break-up and I do hope it does the same with you. Try following these steps, you might never know it helps you a lot! To me, number 2 has helped me a lot and now I am a pure car enthusiast! Awesome! Remember, someone out there will always love you more than the person you use to love.