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Breakfast at the Chatsworth Farm Shop Restaurant in Pilsey

The front of Chatsworth Farm ShopLocation

Chatsworth Farm Shop Restaurant, Chatsworth Farm Shop, Pilsley, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1UF.

Initial Impressions

The Chatsworth Farm Shop Restaurant is to the rear of the Chatsworth Farm Shop in the village of Pilsey, 1.5 miles from Chatsworth House. The restaurant overlooks the central courtyard of the farm shop complex on one side and fields on the other, with an outside seating area on the external side of the restaurant.

The Chatsworth Farm Shop Restaurant serves breakfasts, lunch and afternoon meals, with a selection of puddings, cakes and scones available throughout the day. The restaurant uses local suppliers as a preference, with ingredients chosen first from the Chatsworth Estate itself, next from Chatsworth tenant farmers, then from the rest of Derbyshire and finally from the rest of the United Kingdom.

The restaurant was visited during the middle morning breakfast hours on a Monday morning and was comparatively quiet. There were quite a few staff members present, possibly because this was just after the weekend of the Chatsworth Country Fair. Upon entering, you are shown to a seat and given a menu, and you place your order from the table. A breakfast was ordered from the menu.

Chatsworth Farm Shop Restaurant


The breakfast ordered was Eggs Benedict, which was available with a choice of ham, bacon or smoked salmon. Ham was chosen as the topping. The Eggs Benedict consisted of an English muffin sliced in half and toasted. One half had the ham on top of it, then the second half of the muffin, then a free range poached egg and finally hollandaise sauce was poured over the top.

The knife was a bit blunt and struggled with cutting the toasted muffin halves. The muffin wasn’t overcooked or burnt, it was just that the knife was not very sharp.

The drink ordered was a draught Coca Cola and was chilled and typical of a draught drink.

My Opinion

The cost of the breakfast was £7.25. This is a fairly reasonable price for this type of dish and a drink. The service was prompt, due to the number of staff and the fact the restaurant was not that busy when visited. Eggs Benedict is a nice breakfast, although it’s possibly a bit much to eat every day. 3.5/5.

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