Breast Cancer Awareness

Understanding Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer is a disease that strikes women and is also considered the second largest disease which female death. According to the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society, Breast cancer is the most common disease for women. Breast Cancer usually does not affect women until they reach age 20.

Every year millions of women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is because of the amount and frequency of breast cancer. A Mammography is done to determine if cancer is present in the Breast

Breast cancercould be defined as abnormal cells that have mutated in some way to point that they are normal .. ‘The next question is because its only in women?

There are many causes of breast cancer in certain women, menopause occurs when your monthly cycle begins too soon. The average age for a menstrual cycle is over the age of 12 years. But for those starting at a younger age, women are at risk for cancer sometime in her life, particularly before that they reach 30 years.

Another cause is the delay of the menopause. If a woman goes through menopause after age 50, causes the system may have an adverse reaction. The hormones change too late.

Having a diet full of saturated fat, too much may cause breast cancer,. a diet that includes fats canolay Monounsaturated oils such as olive oil does not appear to cause increased risk of breast cancer

Many types of breast cancers are inherited. If the family has a member with breast cancer, it is very likely to get it later another member of another generation. So if you have a grandmother, mother, sister, or cousin, who have faced cancer, you can get it

Women taking estrogen therapy , can also get breast cancer. This is even more if the therapy was extended to 10 years. It is obvious that breast cancer is a serious disease that can not be taken lightly. Women should never leave the tests, especially when they reach age 20its an integral part of every female health and again tell its curable only if detected in early stages.