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Breast Cancer: How to Avoid Developing Breast Cancer


A malignant growth or tumor that develops in the breast cells is breast cancer; it is a very serious medical condition that could cause untold hardship, discomfort, pain and even death. The cancerous cells grow while entering cells and might develop in other areas of the body, making it a dangerous condition that should be promptly treated.

Interestingly, breast cancer is not entirely a woman’s thing – some men have been known to develop the condition, but only a small percentage. The female breast generally consists of three major rejoins the duct: lobules and stoma, all interconnected by lymphatic blood vessels, and fatty tissues while the duct is the channel through which the milk is supplied.

Cancer cells present in lymph nodes, if found in large numbers, might indicate further infection than being localized around the breast. Seventy five percent (75%) of lumps in the breast usually are cancerous, but there is a twenty five (25%) percent chance that they might not be malignant. Early detection, self examination and testing would determine the makeup of the lump.

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What Causes Breast Cancer

Not all lumps are cancerous – some are benign, abnormal non-threatening growths, while a few could develop into cancer. Cancers differ, like sarcoma connective tissue cancer growth, invasive carcinoma cancer growth outside cells, adenocarcinoma cancer that develops in glandular tissue and carcinoma in situ localized growth in the cell layer.

Risks of developing breast cancer

Breast cancer develops in the breast cells and might be characterized by unusual swelling, tenderness of the breast nipple discoloration. The changes in breast tissue cold cause other symptoms such as breast lumps, terrible pain, and cloudy nipple.

If a lump is discovered it could be non cancerous, benign, localized or in dangerous cases begin to spread to other areas of the body. Certain precautions and conditions might prevent the development of cancer, some of which I shall examine next.

Reproductive pointers

Having children early has its advantages because late child births of women over thirty five years are the demographic group most prone to developing breast cancer. Prolonged exposure to estrogen, which is an important element in menstrual cycle and estrous, makes women who experience late menopause more susceptible to the disease.

Estrogen is a female hormone common in both vertebrates and invertebrates and is a natural steroid. Breast feeding which is a natural process also has some good values and could militate against the production of cancerous cells. Estrogen can be found in common house hold chemicals like certain detergents, pesticides, certain plastics, dye, formaldehyde and some other chemicals.

Hormone Replacement

Apart from natural steroids which bare estrogen we also have synthetic estrogen which can be oral, oral estrogen used as a contraceptive increase the likely hood of developing breast cancer. The increased probability of cancer in women that undergo hormonal replacement therapy is high especially when associated with menopause.

Hormonal replacement therapy is usually done to replace depleted hormone to stimulate longer menopause in women, though medical benefits like reducing risks of heart disease the standardized treatment has been found to have its downside.

Although hormone replacement has many benefits which include, reduced itching, dryness, prevent bone thinning, heart disease, dementia, urinary problems and prevention of osteoporosis. The risks involve dangerous conditions such as heart failure, blood clotting, and stroke and breast cancer.

The levels of exposure to the therapy either low or high depend on the severity of the symptoms and conditions.

Being overweight

Being obese after menopause raises the risk of developing breast cancer, increased physical activity through exercise lowers the risk by aiding circulation of estrogen. Having a regular thirty five minute workout can actually save your life, keeping you trim and fit while warding of illness and diseases.

Exercise has also be seen to stimulate longer menstrual cycles reducing the possibility of cancerous growth in breast cells, making exercise a good way of avoiding breast cancer growth.

Healthy diet

Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetable might help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, avoid processed foods, fatty foods, red meat, and fast food like burgers, and meat pies. Always go for fresh produce, vegetables and vegetable based products like soy, fish, whole grain and lots of fruits.

Bad habits

Bad habits might impact negatively on your health and could cause the development of breast cancer; one of the terrible habits is smoking. Smoking has only negative effects on the body and zero positive such as decreased bone density, lung infection, vision, causes cancer, type 2 diabetes. Pulmonary disease and the list go on.

Drinking alcohol(Alcohol the risks and health benefits) especially red wine in moderation might have its benefit but boozing up will damage your heart and might expose you to the possibility of developing cancer

How to avoid developing cancer

1 drink less alcohol
2 use exclusive breast feeding
3 go for regular checks
4 avoid hormone replacement therapy
5 use regular exercise to control weight
6 self examine
7 prophylactic surgery if infected
8 avoid smoking
9 estrogen blocking if there is a history of breast cancer

Preventive Treatment

If cancer is prevalent in your family opt for estrogen blocking drugs, use self examination to find out if there is any lump in breast, and go for regular checkups. You can also avoid hormone replacement therapy, breast feed your child instead of using milk formulas, exercise more, don’t smoke or drink and use prophylactic surgery to remove cancerous breast.

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