News Breathing Meditation Techniques for Calmness and Clarity

Breathing Meditation Techniques for Calmness and Clarity


Breathing Meditation is the perfect meditation for you. It’s a very simple and easy meditation to do. Naturally! It’s something you do anyway. It will show you how to eliminate distractions so that you can work on developing a clear and lucid mind.

It relaxes you, and gives your body plenty of oxygen. Be careful you don’t fall asleep. It’s just that relaxing.

This meditation really is perfect, and the very best thing about it is that you reap benefits by doing something that comes naturally.

Help With Your Personal Development

Your personal development could be anything you desire, from going back to school to becoming an expert in the universal laws to building your dream home. Whatever it is, this particular meditation could give you more insight into planning those goals, and helping you to recognize what your purpose is.

When practicing the universal laws you need to be able to focus so that you can give power to your affirmations and use the visualization process to manifest your desires. So make this meditation part of your daily routine. You just may be surprised by the results.

Preparing For The Meditation Process

First, you need to find a quiet place where you can sit in a comfortable position. If you prefer, you can sit cross-legged on the floor. What’s important is that you’re comfortable. Just make sure your back is straight or well supported… this will prevent you from becoming tired and distracted.

Second, try to keep your eyes closed or partially closed. You want to focus on your breathing–not your surroundings. Breath naturally, in and out through your nostrils. Please don’t try to control your breathing. It should be your natural breathing pattern. Breathing Meditation Techniques for Calmness and Clarity

Feel your breath as you inhale and exhale. This feeling is what you will concentrate on and is also the object of this meditation. Forget your surroundings, and concentrate on your breathing.

Your mind will probably resist, and will run wild with your thoughts. In fact, it will seem as if the meditation is causing all these wild thoughts, but what’s really happening is that you are beginning to realize just how busy your mind is.

Do Not Chase After Your Thoughts

If you find yourself chasing after your thoughts, immediately return your focus to your breathing. Don’t worry if your mind keeps wandering. Relax and do this exercise as many times as it takes until your mind calms down.

Be patient, your mind will eventually calm and then you can concentrate on your breathing. When your mind calms down you will experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation.

As long as your mind is constantly churning and chasing thoughts you can’t experience the inner calm and peace the breathing meditation can bring. Actually this meditation alone could possibly bring you inner peace and contentment. All it takes is relaxing and calming your mind. When you’re at peace and content, a sense of well-being arises that could help you cope with all the chaos in your daily life.

A Busy Mind Is Full Of Stress And Worry

You and I both know that stress and worry can cause illness. So if you can eliminate the stress half your problems are gone. With meditative breathing your clear and lucid mind is able to deal better with problems and difficult situations and events that can occur.

Another side effect of this meditation? You become warmer and friendlier with other people and your relationship with them could gradually become better. This by itself is enough to make the breathing meditation worth the time and effort. Just 15 minutes daily could make a big improvement in your life.

Another meditation that is an excellent choice for practicing with your breathing is the stillness meditation. You can go here to read more about this.

Breathing Meditation Techniques for Calmness and Clarity
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