Breeding cats: choose the breeder

If one decides to have a kitten, it is recommended to go to a breeder, knowing that it is also possible to call the cat associations and breed clubs to obtain clarification. It is important to meet farmers who work passionately to obtain kittens morphological and characterological qualities are unique to the breed. It is only addressed to qualified farms that avoids the risk of buying a kitten with only a few true attributes of the breed, often unknown to the general public. It is recommended to visit a few cat shows before the jump, in order to form a clear idea of the standard of the breed of cat you want to buy.

Ensure the resilience of farming

The next step is to contact breeders and go there to see firsthand where and how cats are kept. A warm and clean, vaccination records correctly completed by the veterinarian, samples demonstrating the absence of contagious viruses – such as leukemia viral infectious peritonitis and acquired immunodeficiency – and timely implementation of therapies and antiparasitic prophylaxis may already provide excellent warranties on the health of kittens.

Livestock must also provide a very clean room with a tiled floor and walls, beds and plastic disposable washable duvets where cats can give birth and nurse their young.

Regarding the specificity of the race, the pedigree is a help. It is a document certifying the origin of the cat, which specifies the tree and any titles and awards on two or four previous generations.

If ranchers have a cattery breeding, pedigree certificate shall contain the name of the cat and his ancestors, preceded or followed by the title of the farm of origin. If you are the owner of a female and one wishes she mates with a male breeding, commonly known standard, for the sake of having a litter, the breeder’s advice will valuable to choose the most suitable male to improve characteristics of the race.

At the right time, we bring the cat for breeding, and the medical certificates attesting to his good health, vaccination and pedigree. We leave the hotel in a few days so she can socialize with the selected male and mate several times to ensure the success of the company.