Breville BCG800xl Vs BCG450xl: Comparing the bcg450xl & bcg800xl

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BCG450XL or BCG800XL – Which is Best for You?

Are you interested in investing in a Breville conical burr grinder however are unsure as to whether to get the bcg450xl or bcg800xl model? If so this article will be able to help you out, through providing an overview of both, to give you a clear idea as to what each can offer you and then go on to point out the differences between them, and ultimately which is the best one to go for (i.e the winner).

Breville BCG450XL ReviewBreville BCG800xl Vs BCG450xl: Comparing the bcg450xl & bcg800xl, Seekyt

Integrated Technology

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The BCG450XL is a conical burr grinder which means that it will produce a proven superior taste when compared to ordinary blade grinders. The metal conical burr makes it possible to adjust the space between the top plate and the burr at the bottom. It comes equipped with anti-static technology which reduces the amount of flying dust.

Aspects and Features

Moreover, the Breville BCG450XL has a removable bean hopper that can hold up to 5 ounces of coffee beans. It has a very easy to read display on the front and you can clearly see all the different markings for different settings from coarse to fine by rotating the bean hopper.

You can also control the grind by the time that you allow the grinder to run. The minimum setting is 10 seconds and it can run up to 30 seconds. If you want bitter coffee you can set it to 30 seconds which will grind the coffee thoroughly. If you would like very coarse coffee you can use the minimum setting.

When the lid is removed you can take out the bean hopper easily with a handle that has been provided. The slow nature of the grinds imparts minimal heat to the beans preserving more natural flavor of the beans than blade grinders.

There is a soft touch timer at the bottom with which you can choose the grind time. The top button serves as a start as well as a manual stop button. There is a removable container into which all the ground beans will land making it easy to dispose of it.


The removable bean hopper holds 5 oz of coffee beans. The stainless-steel and polymer base has a start and stop control as well as an on/off switch. The machine measures 5.25 x 7 x 11.25 inches.

Breville BCG800xl Vs BCG450xl: Comparing the bcg450xl & bcg800xl, SeekytBreville BCG800XL Review

Integrated Technology

The Breville BCG800XL is called the Smart Grinder and has both automatic and manual grinding modes. The Dosing IQ technology used in the machine optimizes the dose each time that the grind is adjusted.

Aspects and Features

The LED display is bright and easy to read shows setting from coarse to press, percolator, filter, espresso to fine. It also has automatic grinding with which you can choose 1 to 5 shots of espresso or up to 12 cups of coffee. When you press the start button the grinder gets to work and stops automatically when it has reached the prescribed amount of grind. You can also operate it manually and also increase or decrease the strength of the coffee. A side mounted knob allows you to adjust the grind.

You can also use a portafilter with the grinder. If you press the portafilter against the button inside the pouring space it will start the grinder and make it automatic. If you keep pressing the button with the portafilter you will have manual control over the grinder.

The bean hopper is tinted and has a lid with a ring handle so that it can be taken off easily. The bean hopper is large enough to hold a pound of coffee beans. The lid has a well fitting gasket which keeps the coffee fresh as long as possible. Inside the bean hopper is a lock/ unlock stem which locks the bean hopper in place. A premium feature is the stem unlock hold feature which prevents the beans from falling out when you take out the hopper.


Cleaning the grinder is easy – there is a catch tray beneath which is detailed cleaning instructions. The ground container has markings on it for French Press, Espresso and also has a seal to preserve freshness. The machine comes with 2 types of holders for portafilters – 50-54 mm and the second one for 58 mm portafilters

What is the Difference Between the Breville BCG450XL and Breville BCG800XL?

The Breville BCG800XL has dosing IQ technology incorporated in it whereas the BCG450XL is a conical burr grinder. Also, the BCG800XL has a bean hopper with a lid and 2 portafilter cradles which can be placed in the machine. It also has various additional features like the stem unlock which prevents beans from falling out. So with a price difference of roughly $40, all the extra features & overall added value that comes with the 800xl model make it the clear appliance to go for. Let me know which you choose to buy and why (in the comments just below)?

The Winner: Breville BCG800XL

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Breville BCG800xl Vs BCG450xl: Comparing the bcg450xl & bcg800xl, Seekyt
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