Breville BES830XL Vs BES840XL: Comparing the BES830XL and BES840XL

BES830XL or BES840XL – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two classic Breville espresso machines pin-pointing their key features aspects then going on to highlight the key significant differences between the bes830xl and bes900xl — and finding an overall winner.

Breville BES830XL Review

Integrated Technology

The Breville BES830XL uses thermoblock heating technology that uses only the required amount of fresh water for making coffee thereby ensuring high quality espresso. The thermoblock is electronically controlled in order to optimize the temperature.

The machine also use the unique 15 bar Triple-Pump mechanism that is programmed to send 3 bursts of hot water into the head of the filter which expands the ground coffee while the increasing pressure extracts crema more effectively giving your coffee a rich creamy taste.

Aspects and Features

The Breville BES830XL has a warming plate on top which is very useful since most machines in the same range do not have any such provision. It has 2 arms, one for hot water for heating your coffee mug and also in case you would like to make tea. The other arm is for frothing your coffee.

There are 4 buttons on the front panel including the power button which lights up when the machine is switched on. You can choose between 1 or 2 cups of hot espresso with the help of 2 buttons on the far right of the panel.

The lower half of the machine has a water container which has an indicator in front. Filling water is simple; you only have to pull out the water container out and fill it with water. Cleaning is easy as the drip tray can be taken out for cleaning. The drip tray also has an indicator that shows when it is full.

Additional Specifications

The Breville BES830XL comes with a frothing pitcher, single and double walled filters, a tamping tool with a measuring device on the other end, a cleaning tool and a coffee table book. The dimensions of the product are 10 x 10.5 x 12.2 inches and it weighs 19.1 pounds.

Rating: 72% (sourced

Breville BES840XL Review

integrated Technology

Breville BES840XL is also called the Breville Infuser Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and uses a superior thermocoil heating system. It does pre-infusion either automatically or manually. The pre-infusion that is carried out before increasing the pressure expands the grinds so that it can optimize the extraction. This makes it less dependent on human error and result in a much more flavor to your coffee.

Aspects and Features

When you need to descale the machine a light comes on with a sign that says clean me, when the drip tray needs to be emptied out it pops a sign that says empty me. The machine comes with a new feature called PID control which keeps the temperature consistent. Also, on the front panel is a gauge which will let you know whether you are extracting correctly and if you go over or under, keeping the needle in the middle will give you the best shot of espresso.

The Breville BES840XL has a magnetic tamper located on the front of the machine. The stem for frothing has ball joints that make it convenient to move it around and adjust it according to the size of the pitcher. The excess steam that is residual after steaming is moved automatically into the drip tray without any manual action at all. A dedicated nozzle has been created in this machine for hot water so that you do not have to use steam for making hot water. It has a water reservoir which has the lid attached to it for taking it out easily.

Additional Specifications

The product dimensions are 10.2 x 12.5 x 13.2 inches and its weight is 17 pounds. A hidden tool box lies behind the drip tray inside the machine where some of the accessories like the cleaning tool can be stored. When you purchase it you will also get a coffee scoop, stainless steel jug, single and dual wall filter baskets, cleaning tool, cleaning disc and tablets and a water filter with a holder.

Rating: 88% (sourced

What is the Difference Between the Breville BES830XL and BES840XL?

The BES830XL uses basic thermoblock technology whereas the BES840XL uses the more superior thermocoil technology for heating as well as pre-infusion which ensures a high quality of espresso. It also has a dedicated nozzle for hot water which can be simultaneously used while frothing. So the latter machine is more than worth the price difference of about $80 between the two.

The Winner: Breville BES840XL

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