Breville BJE510XL Vs Omega 8006: Comparing the BJE510XL & 8006

Breville BJE510XL or Omega 8006?

Are you debating between which premium juicer to get, but are unsure as to which to go for? Well this comparison feature-by-feature analysis will be able to help you out, highlight each significant aspect and feature of each, to give you an understanding of what each appliance has to offer you & then going on to pin point the significant differences between them — so you can then figure out which model is most ideal for you.

Omega J8006 Review

Integrated Technology

The Omega J8006 is also called the masticating juicer for its ability to grind the food slowly in order to ensure the juice to come out completely while preserving the essential enzymes. The juice that is extracted using this process can be stored for a period of 72 hours. The speed of the motor is 80-100 rpm which is believed to achieve a ‘complete juicing’ using a masticating process. The gear reduction in the machine is very powerful and is equivalent to a 2HP motor.

Aspects and Features

Although the machine has a low speed motor there is no heat produced preventing any damage to its parts. Besides the low speed is an advantage since no unnatural froth is produced. The low speed and the efficient motor together result in a quiet machine.

The process used by the juicer is a dual stage process which ensures the most efficient juicing. The first stage involves the extraction of juice from the fruits or vegetables. The second stage involves taking out more from the pulp by squeezing it which results in an additional amount of juice. A pulp catcher takes in all the pulp making it easy to use.

Additional Specifications

It is built with highly durable material called GE Ultem Augur which is supposed to be at least 8 times stronger than ordinary plastic, and will last you a long time. The dimensions of the machine are 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.

Breville BJE510xL Review

Integrated Technology

The Breville 510JEXL has a 900-watt motor and has a variable speed option so that you can adjust the speed to extract the maximum juice with minimal waste. Breville has incorporated a special chip that steps up power input to the cutting disc when the machine is running a heavy load. This makes sure that the juicing is completed as efficiently as possible.

Aspects and Features

It is easy to put in large fruits and vegetables without cutting them due to its extra large chute with a width of 3 inches. The cutting blades are very sharp and have a reinforcement of titanium. The chute falls in the center of the disc so that it cuts out most of the noise and prevents vibrations. This is a direct central feed system which also ensures that the maximum juice is extracted.

Safety is provided by a locking arm which prevents the machine form starting if it is not in place. The machine cuts off in case of overload with an overload protection feature. The jug has an ample capacity of 1.2 liters and also has a froth separator with it. Cleaning is very easy and most of the parts are washable on the machine itself.

Additional Specifications

The Breville 510JEXL is highly durable with a heavy grade polymer body. The package includes a cleaning brush, juice jug, froth separator and a detachable spout.

What is the Difference Between the Omega J8006 and Breville 510JEXL?

They are two different types of juicers with the Omega J8006 being a slow, masticating juicer and the Breville 510JEXL a high speed juicer with a variable speed option. The J8006 is also a dual stage machine and extracts juice from the pulp as well in a second round of juicing. However the 510JEXL has a computer chip that extracts the maximum juice even under a heavy load.