Breville BJE820XL Vs BJB840XL: Comparing the bje820xl & bjb840xl

BJE820XL or BJB840XL – Which is Best for You?

Are you interested in investing in a quality Breville juicer, specifically either a BJE820XL or BJB840XL but you aren’t quite sure what the differences are between them and ultimately which will serve you best in the long run? Well this comparison account of the BJE820XL Vs BJB840XL will be able to help you out through providing an overview of each (specifying their features & aspects), so you get a good idea as to what each can offer you — then followed by a section pin-pointing the precise differences between the two Breville appliances.

Breville BJE820XL Review

Integrated Technology

The Breville BJE820XL is a juicer with has a powerful 1800-watt motor and a motor with a speed that can go up to 13000 rpm which is the fastest that you will find in any juicer. It is a dual disc machine that gives you greater flexibility while processing your fruits and vegetables. The main disc is called the Nutri Disc and is used for shredding fruit and taking out pulp, which it does easily due to cutting blades reinforced with titanium. The second disc is a puree disc for processing fruits that can be made into smoothies.

Aspects and Features

If you would like to insert large fruits or vegetables into the juicer it is made possible thanks to the extra wide feed chute at 3 inches – you don’t need to cut or prepare anything in advance. The machine does a good job of extraction due to its direct central feed system with the chute in the center over the disc. This also results in a quieter operation and very less vibration.

You can easily serve the entire family and a small gathering of guests with the 1.2 liter jug that is a part of the juicer. Breville also gives a froth separator along with the jug. It also has a large pulp container which makes it easy to make several glasses of juice. It has a safety latch that needs to be clipped on for the juicer to start.

The machine runs at 5 speeds that can be controlled by a knob that can also be used for adjusting the rpm of the machine. Fruits like grapes will be juiced at low rpm; the recommended speeds for several fruits and vegetables are given in an instruction manual.

Additional Specifications

The bottom of the machine has a button for resetting it which can be used if the juicer gets stuck due to overload. The bottom also has 3 feet which make the juicer stand stable. The dimensions or the machine are 8.5 x 13.5 x 17 inches and the weight is 14.6 pounds

Breville BJB840XL Review

Integrated Technology

The Breville BJB840XL is a combined juicer and blender. The juicer has a powerful 1000-watt motor and the blender is powered with a 1200-watt motor. Breville has used its latest Hemisphere Bowl/Blade technology which draws down from above and results in excellent blending with its 4 serrated blades and 2 sweeping smooth blades. This technology ensures that there are no food traps.

Aspects and Features

The blender has 5 variable speeds and 3 pre-programmed settings including ice crush, smoothie and pulse. The juicer has 5 speeds and can be used for a variety of hard foods. The jug has a capacity of 40-ounces and comes with a froth separator.

A thoughtful feature of the Breville BJB840 XL is the safety locking arm which has to be locked or else the motor will not start. Overload protection shuts off the machine shuts it off in case of excess load and prevents any damage to the machine.

Additional Specifications

The juicer measures 13.25 inches x 8.25 inches x 17 inches and the blender is 8.25 inches x 8.25 inches x 18 inches. It is strong due to its die cast metal construction. The machine comes with a cleaning brush and a blade removal tool

What is the Difference Between Breville BJE820XL and Breville BJB840XL?

The BJB840XL has retained most of the great features of the BJE820XL. The main difference is that the BJB840XL is a juicer and blender whereas the BJE820XL has only a juicer. The juicer in the BJE820XL is a dual disc juicer and it can be used for both juicing and making purees.